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From Sagara Gunathunga <>
Subject Re: using Axiom instead of DOM in ServiceClient.
Date Wed, 18 Mar 2009 13:01:25 GMT
Hi Pradeep,

> some latency. So why we cant work using the already acquired copy of the
> WSDL. correct me if i am wrong.

 yes, possible to use same existing copy, I think this line gives
wrong impression .

>>      Description descComp = reader.readWSDL(wsdlLoc);

you have following options

(1) you can use readWSDL(WSDLSource wsdlSource) method for this [1]  ,
because it utilize existing  WSDL document ( as a DOM  Element or
OMElement) without reading  again over the network .
WSDL20ToAxisServiceBuilder already use this approach and WSDLSource
supports to hold DOM Element or OMElement.

 Description descComp = reader.readWSDL(wsdlSource);

there is a one limitation , above method not yet implemented in
OMWSDLReader but hopefully  on next  release . If you plan to follow
Andreas's suggestion you can use above  method with  DOMWSDLReader .

(2) If you still  decide to use use Axiom OMElement to represent WSDL
document  you can use readWSDL(String wsdlURI)  method  on
OMWSDLReader because it doesn't parse whole document until you really
use it so you don't have extra network latency .

[1] -
 (sorry ,  Javadoc link is missing )

Thanks ,

Sagara Gunathunga

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