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From "Andreas Veithen" <>
Subject Re: About HTTP Connection Pool Problem Of Axis2 Client
Date Sat, 27 Dec 2008 10:19:55 GMT

Please note that the HTTP sender already supports reusing the
connection manager. This can be enabled by setting the
REUSE_HTTP_CLIENT option. See the code in the first part of the
AbstractHTTPSender#getHttpClient method.



On Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 15:04, MaWenPeng <> wrote:
>   Hello,
>     In my programs(Servlet,JSP or Java Application), I find that the Axis2
> Client HTTP Connection Pool does not work well.
>     I create WebService Axis2 client Stubs with ADB bindings. Each time when
> the stub accesses the WebService, the HTTP Connections created by the stub
> could NOT be reused or closed. Then there are a lot of freezed HTTP
> Connections. I can see the connections' status in my FireWall.
>     For a long time, I find out that the MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager
> object should be a static one.
>     So I make some changes in
>         Define a static MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager in it;
>         In getHttpClient(MessageContext msgContext) methd, use this static
> MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager;
>     Also, I make some changes in
>     Things change a lot. The MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager manages the
> HTTP Connection pool excellently.
>     The attachments are the files I have changed.
>     In Line 70 and 447
>     In Line 73 and 76
>     I hope this will make some help to Axis2 project.
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