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From MaWenPeng <>
Subject Re:About HTTP Connection Pool Problem Of Axis2 Client
Date Wed, 24 Dec 2008 14:06:57 GMT
 Sorry for missing attachments.



    In my programs(Servlet,JSP or Java Application), I find that the Axis2 Client HTTP Connection
Pool does not work well.
    I create WebService Axis2 client Stubs with ADB bindings. Each time when the stub accesses
the WebService, the HTTP Connections created by the stub could NOT be reused or closed. Then
there are a lot of freezed HTTP Connections. I can see the connections' status in my FireWall.
    For a long time, I find out that the MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager object should
be a static one.
    So I make some changes in
        Define a static MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager in it;
        In getHttpClient(MessageContext msgContext) methd, use this static MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager;
    Also, I make some changes in
    Things change a lot. The MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager manages the HTTP Connection
pool excellently.

    The attachments are the files I have changed.
    In Line 70 and 447
    In Line 73 and 76

    I hope this will make some help to Axis2 project.

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