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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject Re: Looking into open issue 3364
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2008 18:37:30 GMT
Hi Deepal:

Deepal jayasinghe wrote:
> As I mentioned in the JIRA, I did a local fix and get  that working,
> however most of the java2wsdl and some runtime code generation tests
> failed. So I did not commit the changes. My changes only involve in
> SchemaGenerator, and it is very simple fix. Only thing is to make sure
> you get the test cases working. Currently for any input type it sets
> minoccurs to 0 , so you just need to change that to 1.

So you're saying we shouldn't support optional parameters, and therefore 
we should be throwing an exception for missing parameters?  And we 
shouldn't be able to pass null values?  Hmm...

I think we should be able to be as expressive and simple as possible in 
making our schemas align with the Java structure - and supporting 
missing wire parameters which will become null values for Object types 
certainly seems reasonable toward that end.

In other words, IMO we should support on the server side:

Type		Result if missing	Schema
primitive	exception		minOc=1
Object		null			minOc=0

Also, this way if the client wants to send a null there's a way to do it 
(don't include the param).

This doesn't seem that hard to do, and I think it makes for nicer REST 
URLs and SOAP messages in some cases.



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