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From andre voigt <>
Subject Re: DII & arbitrary Objects possible?
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2008 02:44:33 GMT

I'm atm writing a Software to connect to each accessible Soap-WS.
But i have many problems by creating Calls for any Objects.

My project is written in Java and i'm using your wsimport and your Libraries.
Primitive objects aren't a problem, only Objects.

My way is :
- getting wsdl
- creating classes with wsimport
- getting info from classes(element-tags, annotations, reflections, ...)

- different application-logic-steps

- new Service();
- createCall();
- setOperationName(...);
- addParameters(dynArgNameFromWsimport, new QName("","anyType"),dynClassFromWsimport);
- invoke(object[])

* Before sending the call an axis-fault is thrown(... Deserializer ...).
So i'm asking if it's possible to create a dyn. Call for >>>EACH<<< object,
which is known on client- and serversite.
I hope u understand my problem and can help me.

Btw:I tried to find good sources for DII but didn't found any great til now.
Maybe u know any.

Yours sincerely
A. Voigt

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