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From Deepal jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: Multiple deployers in axis2.xml
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2008 15:05:46 GMT
Hi Amila ,
> IMO we need to use different extensions for different type of
> services. transport should have something like
> http.tar. I think that is why we use .aar for service archives .mar
> for modules etc.
Yes I agree. But if we can have multiple deployer for same extension
then why not do that , in fact we have that support. So why do you want
to brake that , what do you achieve from that ?
>     In the meantime we do not loose anything if we register deployer with
>     extension and the directory , so the key become extension + directory.
> This depends on the people use it. For me what I would like to do is
> to specify a directory as my root service directory and organize the
> service files with some directory hierarchy and put the service archives
> in the directories I need.  And for http case it should determine the
> service path from the directory relative to the root.
Since I am not a user , I do not know what to tell. But as a developer I
do not see any problem with the current way. And I think I will be -1 if
we trying to do major changes to deployment side , the reason is it is
stable and if you break that we are in a big trouble. And have learn a
good lesion  from braking the deployment .
> you may ask why you can't specify all those directories in Axis2.xml
> and declare the extensions which I want to use with those directories.
> yes it is possible. but for me this is lot of work. if I change a
> directory name or add a new directory I need to update the Axis2.xml.
> And also with this way I am not sure how to figure out the http
> service path from the directory path since there is no any root directory.
Amila , stuff you are talking does not happen regularly.  Specially in
production environment . So changing axis2.xml is not a problem at all.
And even if you look at stuff like Jboss , Tomcat they have the same
thing , as long as you go with the default you are fine , if you need
additional stuff then you got to change configuration file.


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