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From Deepal jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: Multiple deployers in axis2.xml
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2008 13:25:40 GMT

> we can do some thing like that Jboss does. In Jboss if you want to
> deploy a web application either it should be put as .war file or under
> a directory of which name ends with .war .
> i.e in axis2 point of view either it should be bar.aar file or bar.aar
> directory.
> In my point of view always deployer should only map to an extension.
-1 , if you think the POJO deployer it can handle both .class files and
.jar files , so are you saying thats a problem.  If we have the
flexibility and if we doing that for a long time without any problem,
then we should continue to keep it as it is.
> In the above way it can support both expanded and single file modes.
Hehe , seems like you are not happy with the current way  , I do not
know whether you know about the deployment mechanism we had before the
deployer concept , and do you know how much of work JAX-WS people did to
deploy their services. FYI , at Apachecon US 2007 we had a BOF session
and their they mentioned what they are doing and the difficulties of the
process , so as  solution to that problem I introduced the idea of
deployer , and whether you agree with me or not , it made the deployment
so flexible and more extensible. And I do not see a any issues with that
other thane the issue that Jarek mentioned.

Thank you!

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