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From Deepal jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Axis2 as TLP
Date Sun, 02 Nov 2008 01:03:22 GMT

>>> hen they selected George W for the second time ;)
>> Ok why do you want to move Axiom out from Axis2 , because it has a big
>> advantage when it is there in WS than in Axis2.
> Deepal, so just so I understand - are you saying you *don't* want to
> keep Axiom with Axis2?
Yes we need to keep Axiom inside Axis2 I mean as a subproject .What I
mentioned was once we move Axiom as a separate subproject , we had a
number of good out comes.
 - Visibility increased
 - Project other than WS started to use that.
>> My concern is , Axis2 does not get what it is supposed to get.  It is
>> just stay inside something called WS. While some other Web service
>> project acting as TLP.
> What exactly is axis2 to "supposed to get" that its not getting. Dims
> feels that the community is sleeping (paraphrasing) and thinks that
> going TLP will change that. You seem to think that there's other stuff
> we're spsed to get - please indicate what that is?
Axis2 should not hide under WS , it has to be more than that.
For example if I want to find  some of the good project in company X
what I should do is I go to that home page of company X and see whats
there. However the probability of going inside and inside and check to
see whether there are any more project is very less. Well I am talking
about my self , but I believe I am not the only person doing that in
this world. 
>> I am sorry I do not want to rename WS into something other than Axis2.
>> If we are going to rename then that should be into Axis2 (which include
>> both java and c).
> So again, what does s/ws/axis2/g buy us?
Visibility , and users tend to believe that Axis2 is not yet another sub
project in Axis2. At the moment it has an unnecessary wrapper called WS
around Axis2 , IMO which is not needed.

> Sanjiva.

Thank you!

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