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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Axis2 as TLP
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2008 18:37:01 GMT
Hi Sanjiva:

Sanjiva Weerawarana wrote:
> Also the other reason IMO is that axis2 is mostly "done" .. I have no 
> objection at all to someone starting an axis3 or doing a lot of changes 
> to axis2, but I personally don't have major problems that I see need to 
> be fixed in axis2. Yes there are tons of JIRAs and lots of small issues, 
> but those don't warrant / motivate the types of weekly chats and 
> architectural conversations that we had in the early days.

HTTPD has been around a lot longer than the WS project.  Despite its 
"bakedness", people routinely fix bugs, usability issues, submit 
patches, etc.  The development community is often around on IRC.  In 
short, it's an active and functional community around a live codebase.

I think Axis2 is, honestly, far from "done".  And a bunch of the 515(!) 
JIRAs as of right now are real problems with either functionality or 
usability.  We're not seeing these getting picked off on any kind of 
regular basis, so regardless of the TLP decision I think it's clear that 
the team as a whole needs to pay a little more attention to the project, 
and get that sense of active and functional community back.

> IMO a lot of the work that's interesting is now going on around Axis2, 
> not in the core of it. Example, writing new deployers that plug in more 
> stuff, writing cool transports etc. etc. - those all hang around axis2 
> but that doesn't make axis2 itself really improve.

Two things here - first, I think that those kinds of things DO make 
Axis2 itself improve, because they often stretch the boundaries in ways 
that demonstrate blind spots or problems in the core (example - async 
transports and the core threading (or lack thereof) model).  Second, 
you're exactly right that there is a lot of work going on around Axis2, 
which is why making it a TLP with Rampart, Sandesha, etc., as 
subprojects seems to make a lot of sense.



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