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From "Dobri Kitipov" <>
Subject Proposal for a fix in Axis2 1.4.X related to import location and schemaLocation set in a WSDL. Patch available
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2008 12:13:00 GMT
Hi guys,
we have a patch done for org.apache.axis2.description.AxisService related to
the JIRA With this patch
Axis2 can be configured to set all location and schemaLocation paths to
absolute URI paths if they are relative. As we know this URI may has
relative or absolute path (,
so the relative path is absolutely legal. Anyway, using absolute paths
solves some interoperability issues. I realize that in fact there is no
problem with Axis2 itself, but we can think of this patch as an enhancement.
The question is if you think we can include this into the official Axis2?

Additionally, I want to mention two things related to the code of

1) The first one is the vague role of the "wsdlImportLocationAdjusted"
field. IMHO the use of this parameter is error-prone. If you have a look at
the printDefinitionObject() method you can see that this field is set to
"true" when WSDL is requested for the very first time. Before that
changeImportAndIncludeLocations(definition) method is invoked. The problem
here is that at every successive invocation this method is no more called
and as a result WSDL returned may differ. Can you give some more information
why this field is needed, since if  it is no needed then it is better to be

2) The second thing is with the method: public String[] getEPRs() throws
AxisFault. It throws AxisFault which exception is a checked one that is
never thrown. So the user is forced to catch this exception when he wants to
use this public class.

I am expecting your comments.

Thank you in advance,

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