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From "Dobri Kitipov" <>
Subject Problem printing a WSDL (when we have "useOriginalwsdl = true" and "wsdlImportLocationAdjusted = true")
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2008 13:06:32 GMT
Hi all,
I am using latest Axis2 1.4.1. In my axis2.xml I have set "useOriginalwsdl =
true". The AAR I am deploying has a WSDL that in turn imports another WSDL.
This is specified in the following way:

<import namespace=""

As you can see a relative path is used. The problem is that when I query the
wsdl of the service ("...?wsdl") then in
org.apache.axis2.description.AxisService are invoked first    public void
printUserWSDL(OutputStream out, String wsdlName)  then the private void
printDefinitionObject(Definition definition, OutputStream out, String
requestIP) methods.
I am not that sure I understand the sense of wsdlImportLocationAdjusted used
here. We have in printDefinitionObject(..) :

        if (!wsdlImportLocationAdjusted) {
            wsdlImportLocationAdjusted = true;
The importand line here is wsdlImportLocationAdjusted = true; The problem
here is that when I make again a request for the WSDL the above excerpt of
code is not executed since
wsdlImportLocationAdjusted = true? I think this is not correct.
This question is related to;
that we want to fix.

Please, give your comments on this.

Thank you in advance,

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