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From Chefo <>
Subject Https transport with tomcat
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2008 13:40:55 GMT
Hi guys,

I have a problem deploying a service in axis2 that has to declare the usage
of the https transport, but since the axis2 is served by a tomcat, I'm also
using the tomcat https connector.
I saw several threads on that topic and it seems there is no clean solution
for that case - basically the workaround is for the server to declare the
usage of the http listener, since that case will be anyway handled by the
AxisServlet and it registers itself as the http Transport listener. However
I need to ensure the usage of https and I cannot do that declaring http
transport for the service (plus the service does not necessarily use the
security module with transport binding in the security policy). If I'm
missing sth please enlighten me.
Anyway, I saw that there is some CustomListener introduced to axis2 since
version 1.4 I believe. I would propose to enhance it with a constructor
without params (so that it could be instantiated by the runtime when reading
the axis2.conf configuration) and make it accept also the schema as a
parameter (in its init method). Thus it could be used as a dummy https
listener with the tomcat https connector behind and services declaring the
https transport will be happily deployed in axis2. Do you consider it worthy
of opening a jira feature request?


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