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Subject [AXIS2] How to configure/patch AXIS2 with XMLBeans to tune namespace output?
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2008 12:29:59 GMT
Hello all,

Normally, I use code like this to fine-tune my XMLBeans namespaces for textual output:

XmlOptions xmlOptions = new XmlOptions();
HashMap<String, String> suggestedPrefixes = new HashMap<String, String>();
suggestedPrefixes.put("", "xsi");
String xmlStr = doc.xmlText(xmlOptions);

The first difficulty I have is with explicit prefixes like “xmlns” in these combinations:
“xmlns:tns” or “xmlns:soap”. They don’t seem to be accepted as specification by XMLBeans
and lead to a guessed namespace abbreviation in output of XMLBeans. Omitting the “xmlns:”
part works for the suggestedPrefixes HashMap - but I require them also to be explicitly mentioned
with “xmlns:” prefix at least in the namespace definition section created by XMLBeans because
they will later be subject to XML signing where every bit counts. I cannot achieve this so

My main question is: How can I specify/control how AXIS2 calls XMLBeans/SOAP for outputting
the XML?
I need to create an XML that conforms exactly to a given specification in each and every bit
because it is subject to an XML signature. Since the mentioning of namespaces is not adjusted
perfectly by XML canonicalization, this is a serious issue.
Since the XML structures are stored in their own class structures (and not just as simple
text strings) in the SOAP libraries, I can’t easily adapt/correct them.
Is there any point where I can easily add some project-specific patches to the SOAP or AXIS2
libraries to really adjust every bit of XML before signing?
The best spot for patches I can think about right now is the XML canonicalization (
which also requires some complex attribute handling. Does anybody have some other suggestions?
Are there any interfaces or interceptors foreseen for XML finetuning? Are there any easily
adaptable examples for using them in this scenario?
Does anybody have experience fine-tuning the XML for using XML signatures that have to be
exactly compatible with a 2 years old server using some other implementation for canonicalization
and XML binding?


    Thomas Poetter

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