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From "Detelin Yordanov" <>
Subject Policy serialization not correct in AxisService2WSDL11?
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2008 07:53:35 GMT
   I posted this on the users mailing list, but since I got no reply I
decided to post it here too.

   I noticed that the generateService(..) method does not add any policy
components present at the service policy subject.
The problem seems to be that it still uses the deprecated PolicyInclude
(which is not populated), instead of the PolicySubject.

There is another missing policy serialization - in the
generateHttpBinding(..) - the method lacks a call to
addPolicyAsExtElement(..) as in the generateSoap11Binding(..)
and generateSoap12Binding(..) methods.

Is this behaviour intentional or a bug?
As a result from this, if users deploy a service with a WSDL containing
policy references only at wsdl:service and/or wsdl:binding (http), when they
request the wsdl (using ?wsdl)
the returned WSDL does not contain any policy references.

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