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From "Nandana Mihindukulasooriya" <>
Subject Security hole in Axis2 1.4 + Rampart 1.4
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2008 15:29:45 GMT
   There are few issues with Axis2 1.4 / Rampart 1.4 with the new policy
configuration. The new policy configuration which allows us to apply
policies to binding hierarchy is a great feature when in comes to ws
security policy configuration. It allows security policies to be attached to
the correct attachment points. But there are few issues that need to be
fixed in Axis2 1.4. I will list them below.
    1.) If we configure security using new configuration, service can be
accessed without security.
         In Axis2 1.4, a service is exposed in two EPRs (consider SOAP 1.1

          But if we you set the policies using the new configuration, if you
do a web service call to the older EPR, you can access the service without
any security even though it is secured using the binding hierarchy. This
happens because if we call the old EPR, it is not dispatched to a binding.
But this leaves the service vulnerable. I think we should dispatch to one of
the bindings may be using soap envelope version if we have only one binding
with that soap version. We should have a way to dispatch messages which
comes to old EPR to one of the bindings else we should have an option to
disable that EPR.

    2.) In the out flow, policies are not set correctly in the binding
          This is fixed in the trunk but this bug is there in Axis2 1.4.

   So the option we have is to configure security using the old
configuration. But then the problem is policies are attached to the port
type which is the correct way to do if we have policies using
<service>,<operation><message> tags. But this makes Axis2 not interoperable
as security policies should be attached to binding hierarchy according WS
Security policy specification. Ideally we should always use the new
configuration to apply security. And code generation also doesn't work
correctly when the policies attached to the port type (polices are not
correctly attached to the stub).

   So I think it would be great if can consider a Axis2 1.4.1 with these
things fixed.


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