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From "Shayne Yuan(Ai92)" <>
Subject Axis2 corba idl parsing problem
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2008 08:16:31 GMT
Hi All
I want to bridge CORBA and Web Services, allowing Web service clients to
invoke CORBA services, using the CORBA module of Axis2.

I have read the article at, and the example in
the article worked very well.
But when I want generate wsdl file automatically according to my old IDL
files, exceptions occured.

The IDL code is like this:
//File: DAFIdentifiers.idl


module DAFIdentifiers
    typedef string URI;
    typedef sequence< URI > URISequence;
    // the resource identifier
    struct ResourceID
        unsigned long long container;
        unsigned long long fragment;

    typedef sequence < ResourceID > ResourceIDSequence;

    // service for translating and managing resource identifiers
    exception LookupError {    string reason; };

    interface ResourceIDService
        ResourceIDSequence get_resource_ids( in URISequence uris )
            raises( LookupError );
        URISequence get_uris(in ResourceIDSequence ids )
            raises( LookupError );
        void set_uri_byid(in ResourceID id , in string resource_uri)
            raises( LookupError );

I guess the corba module can't support corba structs and sequences very

Would greatly appreciate if any of you could help me to get rid of this

Thanks in advance.

BTW: There is no problem using idl2wsdl command of CXF.


Shayne Yuan


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