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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject Re: [Axis2][Proposal] Move JMS / Async NIO transports out of Axis2 into Synapse
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2008 06:17:02 GMT
> As we discussed in the mailing list I created a prototype deployer 
> (TransportDeployer) for transport deployment..
This is cool and boy you are fast :-) !..

Axis2 transports also needs a few more changes though.. and I'm 
re-thinking about the suggestion made by Sanjiva on moving the core 
API's out of Axis2 as well.. for example, TransportSender needs a 
start() method, just like the Listeners, as there can be Senders that 
requires initialization, and explicit start/stop behavior.. Else, at 
ConfigurationContext creation itself, the Senders "start" through the 
init() call which is not what you want.. also if you stop a transport, 
you cannot restart.. Another example is with the AxisServlet listener 
which must handle its stop()  call etc, and refuse to handle any 
messages through Axis2 if the transport was shutdown.. else if a service 
does not implement the ServiceLifeCycle interface, it may still be 
accessible over the servlet transport even if the lister manager was 
shutdown etc..

So I think its better to *first* work on moving out the current 
transports from Axis2 as proposed, so that we can focus and review the 
transports and the design again, and make any improvements for issues we 
see. I do not think this is something we could try to do in a hurry.. we 
should also focus on good API documentation that will help anyone write 
a new transport easily etc


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