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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject Re: [Axis2][Proposal] Move JMS / Async NIO transports out of Axis2 into Synapse
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2008 20:25:45 GMT
> Asankha, is there something about doing this work in Axis2 that is
> difficult for you and easily changed e.g. having a separate release
> schedule for the 'extra transports', 
One of the main issues here to consider is how easily we can fix issues, 
create patches and release versions of the transports when Synapse wants 
them.. remember that "we" are the primary users of these transports with 
customers using these in production..

First of all, having the code only in axis2 trunk would mean that 
sometimes we may not be even able to compile it when required ;-) , or 
having to download many many more JARs each time we want to build.. and 
also somehow get through the common build breaks! We will also exposed 
to all changes taking place on the axis2 trunk, and forced to comply to 
keep compatibility at trunk with Axis2. Usually [if not always] Synapse 
depends on the last Axis2 released version. For example, we were using 
Axis2 1.3 for many months, until we were ready to move to Axis2 1.4 
now... and we wanted our transports to remain on Axis2 1.3 until then.

Synapse is very much dependent on transports, esp when it comes to 
legacy transports other than http/s. Most of the time we need to make 
changes to transports to fix bugs and/or perform enhancements. I also 
believe that the NIO http/s transports is one of the most valuable and 
complicated pieces of code on which Synapse relies heavily.. I don't 
understand the argument that you want to make it easier for a casual 
user of Axis2 to use these transports, putting the Synapse team that 
develops these and uses these much more, into the "difficult" position?

If anyone wants to use any of the Synapse transports, they:
(1) Do not need to download Synapse
(2) Learn about or know Synapse
(3) Be dependent on the Synapse core JARs

All they need to do is put an entry into the pom.xml of their project to 
point to the synapse-transports.jar! Technically this is no different 
than a separate module in Axis2, or WS commons.. Of course they will 
need to understand how each transport operates (e.g. FIX, VFS etc..) 
before trying to use them.. but this is not solved by where the code 
lies, but in providing documentation
> or is it more cultural that you're doing all your work in Synapse now?
Not at all! ..


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