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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] OSGi and Axis2
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2008 14:42:28 GMT
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Please see

org.apache.axis2.extensions.osgi.core.SOAPProvider, we can extend that! There's a lot that
needs fleshed out.

Please note that Apache Muse and Eclipse Corona both work off that interface (it was first
developed in muse and then
used by Corona folks). So it would be a win-win situation if we get more people to participate
by building on stuff that
already exists and used :)


Saminda Abeyruwan wrote:
| Hi Devs,
| OSGi is the buzz word we are hearing all over the world these days. There
| are many OSGi implementation, out of which I would like to my attention to
| Equinox and Felix.
| As you know Axis2 is the hot web services engine world is talking about. So
| how would we make Axis2 OSGi aware and expose it's functionality with the
| aid of HttpService. I would say that would be really cool.
| So recently I am being working on this and found a cool way to expose Axis2
| as a OSGi bundle.
| So I was thinking of using OSGi service concept, and I would think of a
| service interface like follows,
| interface Axis2Service {
|     public void registerPOJO(String className) throws Exception;
|     public void registerPOJO(String className, Map messageReceivers) throws
| Exception;
|     public void registerAAR(String location) throws Exception;
|     public void registerMAR(String location) throws Exception;
| }
| Like HttpService, Axis2Service initiate the Axis2 environment, use managed
| services of HttpService to obtain endpoint information to populate the
| correct listeners.
| Dims has done some great work regarding JAX-WS and OSGi,  so I would say we
| should go to the next level and make this is a reality. If all  devs are ok
| with this, I would like to get working on this. Oh.. not for Axis2 1.4 of
| course.
| Thank you!
| Saminda
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