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Subject svn commit: r651266 - /webservices/axis2/trunk/java/release-notes.html
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2008 13:36:14 GMT
Author: dims
Date: Thu Apr 24 06:36:11 2008
New Revision: 651266

update release notes


Modified: webservices/axis2/trunk/java/release-notes.html
--- webservices/axis2/trunk/java/release-notes.html (original)
+++ webservices/axis2/trunk/java/release-notes.html Thu Apr 24 06:36:11 2008
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
-<pre>Just over 6 months since the original 1.0 release, we are very proud to
+<pre>Just over 8 months since the 1.3 release, we are very proud to
 announce the release of Apache Axis2 version @axisVersion@.
 Downloads are available at:
@@ -45,30 +45,15 @@
 WS-Eventing (Apache Savan) will be available soon after the Apache Axis2
 @axisVersion@ release. Please see these projects' own sites for further information.
-Major Changes Since 1.0:
-- Significantly improved documentation
-- Significantly improved support for POJO services and clients
-- Significantly improved support for Spring services
-- Significantly improved Axis Data Binding (ADB) to increase schema
-  coverage and overall stability
-- Improved service lifecycle model
-- Improved JMS support
-- Improved handler and module interfaces
-- Improved Eclipse and Idea plugins
-- New Attachments API for sending & receiving MTOM and SwA attachments
-- Built in support for WS-Policy via Apache Neethi
-- Added support for unwrapping Web service requests
-- Fixed tons of small and not-so-small bugs
-- Major refactoring of release structure to make usage easy
+Major Changes Since 1.3:
+- Support for JAXWS and JSR 181 Annotations
+- Experimental Corba Support
+- Fixed tons of small and not-so-small bugs (See list below)
 Known Issues and Limitations in @axisVersion@ Release:
-- Unwrapping of response messages (coming in 1.2)
-- JSR @axisVersion@/183 Annotation support (coming in 1.2)
-- JAXBRI data binding support is experimental
-- Simple Axis Server does not support POX/REST
+- Please see JIRA
-Apache Axis2 1.1 is a major new release compared to Axis2 1.0. We are
-striving for a simple and happy first time user experience as well as a
+We are striving for a simple and happy first time user experience as well as a
 satisfying experienced user experience with this release. We welcome any
 and all feedback at: (please include "[axis2]" in the subject)
@@ -129,6 +114,480 @@
    - IntelliJ Idea Plugins
    - Maven2 Plugins
    - Web application for administering Apache Axis2
+Bugs marked as Resolved/Fixed after 1.3 Release:
+AXIS2-3757	Miss behaviour in adding handlers to the phase when the handler has after attribute
+AXIS2-3758	REST GET invocations fail with httpLocations of the form foo/{name} when more
than one parameter is present
+AXIS2-3759	JAXWS: Out Of Memory Issues With JAXBContext
+AXIS2-3760	legal/backport-util-concurrent-LICENSE.txt is out of date
+AXIS2-3761	Generated ?wsdl2 docs are invalid when a service has more than 1 transport enabled
+AXIS2-3762	Generated ?wsdl2 docs do not contain httpLocation for HttpBinding hence codegen
for httpBinding will not work
+AXIS2-3763	Invalid soap fault
+AXIS2-3764	Attribute containing all upper case characters not included in response
+AXIS2-3765	[REST support] when using POST with x-www-form-urlencoded data aren't decode from
url encoded
+AXIS2-3766	File setLastModified() in deployment code causes problems
+AXIS2-3767	Store UnmarshalInfo instances on AxisOperation instead of AxisService
+AXIS2-3768	org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Connection reset - connections are not closing for
long time
+AXIS2-3769	Use actaul message to determine the outbound wsa action
+AXIS2-3770	Wrong JAX-WS handler-chain execution
+AXIS2-3771	Rampart has dependancies to classes which was in mex-impl
+AXIS2-3772	JAXWS: CID for SWA Attachments does not comply with the WS-I Specification Syntax
+AXIS2-3773	Support for @MTOM Threshold.
+AXIS2-3774	?wsdl2 does not show engaged security policies
+AXIS2-3775	?wsdl2 shows endpoints for transports that are dissabled
+AXIS2-3776	Context class loader not restored correctly
+AXIS2-3777	Handling of exceptions raised by handlers in one-way invocations
+AXIS2-3778	Problems loading RequestWrapper/ResponseWrapper etc when JAXWS Service is deployed
as a jar under servicejars
+AXIS2-3779	JAX-WS: JAXBUtils should not load classes from nested packages
+AXIS2-3780	Array of strings (or other simple types) are serialized as xsd:list
+AXIS2-3781	Shell scripts do not tolerate AXIS2_HOME and JAVA_HOME with spaces in paths
+AXIS2-3782	All outbound handlers are invoked when an inbound handler throws exception or
returns false
+AXIS2-3783	CLONE -Classpath/Classloader issue with packaging
+AXIS2-3784	Log.debug statement causes NullPointerException
+AXIS2-3785	Can't use SSL with scope="transportsession"
+AXIS2-3786	Invalid SOAPMessage caching in SoapMessageContext
+AXIS2-3787	MessageContext.REFERENCE_PARAMETERS property not visible in handlers
+AXIS2-3788	WSDL2Java fails for WSDL that work for Axis2 1.3
+AXIS2-3789	Adding codegen jar to axis2.war and adding mtompolicy jar to distribution
+AXIS2-3790	WSDL2Java throws a StackOverflowError
+AXIS2-3791	If available prefer sending [Subsubcode] as the fault code instead of [Subcode]
for SOAP 1.1 faults
+AXIS2-3792	axis2-mtompolicy-1.4.jar is missing in the bin dist
+AXIS2-3793	Input/output wsa actions are not always set
+AXIS2-3794	fixes for backward compatibility
+AXIS2-3795	Improve handler-chains.xml parsing
+AXIS2-3796	SOAP Action is not set by service Client when its invoked via a WSDL
+AXIS2-3797	JAXWS: Support Binding Property to Access SOAPHeaders
+AXIS2-3798	httpcore-niossl-LICENSE.txt is no longer needed - should be deleted
+AXIS2-3799	Methods with multiple faults and wsa actions are not handled correctly
+AXIS2-3800	Backward compatibility, Minor fixes for 1.4 release
+AXIS2-3801	Add option to enable a wsa:MessageId in repsonse message
+AXIS2-3802	WSDL2Java tool fails with NullPointerException
+AXIS2-3803	Thread safety in XMLFaultCode
+AXIS2-3804	JAXWS: Need to preserve "custom fault codes" for SOAP 1.1
+AXIS2-3805	WSDL2java does not work correctly if no network or behind Firewall
+AXIS2-3806	The AddressingInHandler needs to take account of the WS_ADDRESSING_VERSION parameter
+AXIS2-3807	JAXWS: @MTOM annotation not respected in some circumstances
+AXIS2-3808	Should preclude new dispatch instances where type is SOAP and mode is payload
+AXIS2-3809	Support for @XmlSeeAlso
+AXIS2-3810	Update signature of WsdlGenerator method
+AXIS2-3811	AddressingOutHandler uses OMElement instead of SOAPHeaderBlock when processing
reference parameters
+AXIS2-3812	Wsdl2 code generation falis
+AXIS2-3813	Attachments larger than Integer.MAX_VALUE (appr 2.1GB) fails
+AXIS2-3814	org.apache.axis2.transport.jms.JMSListener.stop() doesn't shutdown the thread
pool created in start() for JMSMessageReceiver
+AXIS2-3815	Unable to switch addressing mar on in jaxws-integration tests
+AXIS2-3816	AddressingOutHandler may omit wsa:To on 2004/08 despite it being mandatory
+AXIS2-3817	NPE in MessageContextBuilder.createFaultEnvelope and SOAP12Constants.SOAP_FAULT_NODE_LOCAL_NAME
property set in message context
+AXIS2-3818	Need to ensure we are generating wsdl only for SOAP 11 based bindings
+AXIS2-3819	Support WS-A action generation from pure annotations
+AXIS2-3820	Enable AxisFault to display correct 'caused by' exception
+AXIS2-3821	InvocationResponse.equals throws NPE
+AXIS2-3822	Implicit SEIs cause too many methods to be published
+AXIS2-3823	Suggested fixes for 1.4 RC3
+AXIS2-3824	AxisBindings are created for each and every transport on services deployed
+AXIS2-3825	MTOM does not work if the file length is zero
+AXIS2-3826	ADB code generation fails when <element> is a reference to included schema
+AXIS2-3827	xmlSchema optional attributes are not handled properly
+AXIS2-3828	Included schema filenames impact wsdl2java with xmlbeans binding
+AXIS2-3829	Validation failure on using sun JDK in ParallelAsyncTests
+AXIS2-3830	java_first_jaxws sample does not run per README instructions
+AXIS2-3831	JAXWS Sample - Asynchronous Echo with Async Communication doesn't work
+AXIS2-3832	@WebMethod(exclude=true) is not being honored
+AXIS2-3833	New service deployment change has broken ?wsdl2
+AXIS2-3834	JAXWS: NLS Correction for 1.4 RC3
+AXIS2-3835	jaxws-calculator sample does not run per the README.txt
+AXIS2-3836	JAXWS Addressing Calculator does not work.
+AXIS2-3837	Running JAXWS proxy tests with WSDL fails
+AXIS2-3838	Problem building documentaiton Module v1.3 rc2
+AXIS2-3839	The generated WSDL2 (?wsdl2) does not have soap11, http bindings if the wsdl is
included in service archive
+AXIS2-3840	multipart/form-data problem at the RESTFul Service
+AXIS2-3841	Encoded ampersands in REST URLs terminate parameters
+AXIS2-3842	JAXWS: Not correctly detecting version mismatch
+AXIS2-3843	maven java2wsdl and wsdl2code plugins do not work
+AXIS2-3844	JAXWS: The scenario where a single SWA attachment is sent and returned (no body
elements) is not working
+AXIS2-3845 attribute parameter not being properly set
+AXIS2-3846	GenericProviderDispatcher in default war's axis2.xml
+AXIS2-3847	Unable to find handlerChain's configuration file from the classpath
+AXIS2-3848	Support for JAX-WS 2.1
+AXIS2-3849	Need a scrub for J2S doPriv
+AXIS2-3850	Axis2-1.4-RC1: Advanced-rmi sample client fails
+AXIS2-3851	JAX-WS 2.1: Support @RespectBinding and RespectBindingFeature
+AXIS2-3852	Worng Content-Type HTTP header when sending MTOM (incompatible with JBossWS)
+AXIS2-3853	.NET C# using WSE 3.0 does not interop with Axis2.0 Version 1.3
+AXIS2-3854	MTOM not enabled for dynamic ports
+AXIS2-3855	Support role/actor based mustUnderstand header processing
+AXIS2-3856	MTOM has problems when I create an attachtment from a byte array of zero elements
+AXIS2-3857	Attachment delete to use LifecycleManager functionality.
+AXIS2-3858	WSDLDefinitionWrapper is not being constructed with the proper Configuration information
+AXIS2-3859	NullPointerException during codegen when using JaxB RI databinding
+AXIS2-3860	memory leaks related to unmarshaller pooling
+AXIS2-3861	JAXBCustomBuilder should avoid encrypted data
+AXIS2-3862	Wrong SOAP MustUnderstand Handling when using JAX-WS Handler
+AXIS2-3863	RequestBlockingHandler.invoke uses equals to compare a String and a QName
+AXIS2-3864	ObjectInputStreamWithCL.resolver should not be static because it's updated by
instance methods
+AXIS2-3865	Improvements in SafeObjectOutputStream
+AXIS2-3866	SessionContext does not initializes the transent maps into readExternal
+AXIS2-3867	[Break] MtomSampleTests - The org.apache.axis2.jaxws.sample.MtomSampleTests suite
is failing
+AXIS2-3868	NPE in HttpCoreNIOSender
+AXIS2-3869	The MessageId generator creates duplicates
+AXIS2-3870 related to persising sessions in tomcat
+AXIS2-3871	Axis2 on Jetty & Tomcat bug: work dir is deleted on jetty shut down
+AXIS2-3872	NPE throws when invoking jax-ws calculator sample service
+AXIS2-3873	[Break] ParallelAsyncTests
+AXIS2-3874	When WSDL exists, set wsdl properties for provider
+AXIS2-3875	[Break] NonWrapTests break - dispatchable OperationDescription list is incorrect
+AXIS2-3876	Addressing setup in JAXWSDeployer fails
+AXIS2-3877	Example maven2 configuration is broken.
+AXIS2-3878	axis2.bat, axis2server.bat and wsdl2java.bat scripts do not work if axis2 directory
path is too long
+AXIS2-3879	java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError while running java2wsdl or wsdl2java
+AXIS2-3880	ParameterIncludeImpl needs AccessControl check
+AXIS2-3881	java.lang.IllegalStateException on org.apache.axis2.transport.TransportUtils.deleteAttachments.
+AXIS2-3882	Upgrade simple http and nhttp transports to HttpComponents Core 4.0-beta1
+AXIS2-3883	[Break] SimpleTypeDateTimePopulateTest break - on JDK 1.4
+AXIS2-3884	Add support for @Action and @FaultAction
+AXIS2-3885	JAX-WS 2.1: Add support for AddressingFeature and SubmissionAddressingFeature
+AXIS2-3886	Enhance the JAXWSDeployer to configure the JAX-WS runtime to be able to create
endpoint references.
+AXIS2-3887	problem in axis2 version service + internal server error prevents access to services/admin
+AXIS2-3888	Adding equals and hashCode to ServiceClient
+AXIS2-3889	SwaTest.wsdl not found when building binary from source distribution
+AXIS2-3890	Remove one of MEX maven module
+AXIS2-3891	New MustUnderstand code results in JAXWS Integration test failure
+AXIS2-3892	Error extracting fault from SOAP envelope when body is encrypted
+AXIS2-3893	Undeploy fails to persist sessions on Tomcat 5.5 and 6
+AXIS2-3894	Fix for the inner classes issue (attached)
+AXIS2-3895	StringListTests doesn't work
+AXIS2-3896	sources unavailable in the maven repository.
+AXIS2-3897	Axis2 online documentation references invalid services.xsd
+AXIS2-3898	MEX module does not contain implementation class files after build
+AXIS2-3899	Change scope of Maven dependencies in axis-spring to 'provided'
+AXIS2-3900	Axis doesn't use params from axis2.xml
+AXIS2-3901	Unable to engage addressing at client side, want to know the specific location
of addressing.mar in the project
+AXIS2-3902	Endpoint Extension handling bug in WSDL20ToAxisServiceBuilder
+AXIS2-3903 in util package of kernel can not find the class in extremely environment
+AXIS2-3904	Axis error when using the endpoint address with japanese characters
+AXIS2-3905	Can't avoid timeout
+AXIS2-3906	org.apache.axis2.description.AxisService#setLastupdate() is a typo.
+AXIS2-3907	Axis2 incomplete cached files should be deleted BUT they aren't; how can I delete
+AXIS2-3908	NPE in LocalTransportReceiver.processMessage()
+AXIS2-3909	wsdl2java for JAXB binding generates uncompilable code
+AXIS2-3910	NullPointerException in
+AXIS2-3911	support logging full stack traces in log
+AXIS2-3912	Deploy goal for Axis2 Web Admin Console for axis2-aar-maven-plugin
+AXIS2-3913	org.apache.axis2.client.Stub addHeader ignores custom header attributes
+AXIS2-3914	LocalTransportSender can be used on multithread.
+AXIS2-3915	Axis2 SAAJ implementation included in Geronimo 2.0.1 - class cast bug when unmarshalling
+AXIS2-3916	MTOM doesnt work over JMS
+AXIS2-3917	Axis2's build.xml file for Axis2.war excludes the axis2-codegen-1.3.jar file needed
by Rampart 1.3
+AXIS2-3918	WebServiceContextAnnot should be deleted
+AXIS2-3919	AbstractMessageReceiver defines custom class loader without using doPrivileged
+AXIS2-3920	MailAddress defines equals() but not hashCode()
+AXIS2-3921	Bug 3230 Reopen. Axis2 deployment fails when deploying spring proxy-d classes
as services
+AXIS2-3922	Handler is not being invoked
+AXIS2-3923	'org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-antrun-plugin' does not exist or no valid version
could be found
+AXIS2-3924	JAX-WS dependence on ADB
+AXIS2-3925	Move JaxMe databinding code into separate module
+AXIS2-3926	Unnecessary warning when deploying a service with a custom message receiver
+AXIS2-3927	[7/12/07 9:09:32:923 CEST] 82d122f SRTServletRes W WARNING: Cannot set header.
Response already committed. is logged when ever a Axis2 based webservice is called
+AXIS2-3928	WebService deployment failed due to config.getServletContext().getRealPath("")
returns null in NES6.2
+AXIS2-3929	ServiceDescriptionImpl always creates URL for WSDL
+AXIS2-3930	NullPointerException in RPCMessageReceiver.invokeBusinessLogic(
+AXIS2-3931	SecurityException thrown in util.LoggingControl, when run from an applet
+AXIS2-3932	Validate fails if nonProxyHosts contains wildcard
+AXIS2-3933	AxisClient creates large number of temporary files that never gets deleted in
an appserver environment as long as the server is running
+AXIS2-3934	Axis client fails if http.nonProxyHosts contains * as wildcard
+AXIS2-3935	mvn package failes due to missing dependencies (fix included)
+AXIS2-3936	Non Blocking Dual Channel fails if MsgContext already had an replyTo Epr set to
+AXIS2-3937	Axis2 server responds with Http 200 instead of 202 for the request of a dual channel
+AXIS2-3938	axis2-java2wsdl-maven-plugin axis2-java2wsdl-maven-plugin
+AXIS2-3939	Java2WSDL creates WSDLs that fail Eclipse validation
+AXIS2-3940	getSchematargetNamespace and setSchematargetNamespacePrefix are typos
+AXIS2-3941	Axis2Server.bat fails to start
+AXIS2-3942	There is no reason for HTTPSListener to be inner class
+AXIS2-3943	NullpointerException in AbstractHTTPHeader
+AXIS2-3944	Fix commented out tests
+AXIS2-3945	Codegeneration creates faulty Stub with JAXBRI when a SOAP Header is defined in
the WSDL
+AXIS2-3946	Axis2 fails to parse "Multipart/Related"-Messages from SAAJ-Webservice
+AXIS2-3947	Fix JAXWS MTOMSample Test
+AXIS2-3948	WSDL2CODE maven plugin not generating ports
+AXIS2-3949	JAXWS classloading issues with annotated class with aar based deployment
+AXIS2-3950	version service not started and exception at console
+AXIS2-3951	incorrect definition of property maven.repo.local in modules/integration/pom.xml
+AXIS2-3952	java2wsdl maven 2 plugin user guide incorrect
+AXIS2-3953	Axis2 maven plugin does not allow to generate sources for remote WSDL file
+AXIS2-3954	Proper usage of binding hierarchy
+AXIS2-3955	getter for configuration on CodeGenerationEngine to access generated info
+AXIS2-3956	NullpointerException in org.apache.axis2.deployment.util.Utils.loadHandler method
+AXIS2-3957	Incorrect reference to start.bat in java2wsdl and wsdl2java scripts (bat/sh)
+AXIS2-3958	surefire is still run even if maven.test.skip is true
+AXIS2-3959	java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException in org.apache.axis2.transport.http.ProxyConfiguration
+AXIS2-3960	Allow pluggable Exception handling in JAX-WS server flow
+AXIS2-3961	SOAPMonitorApplet/SOAPMonitorService broken
+AXIS2-3962	XMLDispatch.createMessageFromValue fails to copy mime headers
+AXIS2-3963	Intermittent failure in testEcho(org.apache.axis2.jaxws.sample.DocLitBareMinTests)
+AXIS2-3964	SoapMessageProviderTests.testProviderSourceXMLOnly broken
+AXIS2-3965	TransportUtils NullPointerException When Logger Category is DEBUG
+AXIS2-3966	Provide enabling support in JAXWS for SOAP/JMS
+AXIS2-3967	Provide visibility of dynamic ports only to client that created them
+AXIS2-3968	Need a JAXWS specific Deployer
+AXIS2-3969	Improve structure of JAXWS end-to-end tetss
+AXIS2-3970	Plug JAX-WS / MDQ deployment into Axis2 deployment model
+AXIS2-3971	Refactor the ThreadContextMigratorUtil class to use parameters instead of properties.
+AXIS2-3972 not populated correctly
+AXIS2-3973	Ability to plugin a new Axiom LifecycleManager via axis2.xml
+AXIS2-3974	LogicalMessageContextTests.testGetPayloadAsJAXB fails
+AXIS2-3975	JAXB CustomBuilder support in JAXWS layer.
+AXIS2-3976	JAXWS Endpoint API does not work in 1.3 RC2
+AXIS2-3977	JAX-WS 2.1: Support @MTOM and MTOMFeature
+AXIS2-3978	A patch for the CORBA module to support types declared insides interfaces.
+AXIS2-3979	Common invocation using Axis2 client framework
+AXIS2-3980	Maven build fails due to woden dependency problem
+AXIS2-3981	InputStreamConfigurator
+AXIS2-3982	WSDL2Java tool does not handle 'key' and 'keyref' constraints(in included/imported
schemas) properly
+AXIS2-3983	Please please please write javadoc!
+AXIS2-3984	We need an api way to set the axis2.repository.path and the axis2.xml.path
+AXIS2-3985	DispatchPhase does not consider MEPs defined in WSDL2Constants
+AXIS2-3986	Error in Validation page when HTTPS is enabled
+AXIS2-3987	WarBasedAxisConfigurator incorrect config file loading routine (patch included)
+AXIS2-3988	messageContext.setDoingMTOM doesn't work
+AXIS2-3989	FAQ descripton of 'frequently used maven commands' is out of date.
+AXIS2-3990	Codegen and runtime changes for supporting "full" WSDL 2.0 HTTP binding
+AXIS2-3991	MTOM should support xmlbeans
+AXIS2-3992	Dependency resolution mess with axis2-wsdl2code-maven-plugin
+AXIS2-3993	ServiceContext.activate() never executes a path because of null value
+AXIS2-3994	Redundant checks into WarBasedAxisConfigurator
+AXIS2-3995	Redundant check in XMPPSender
+AXIS2-3996	Potential NPE in XMPPPacketListener
+AXIS2-3997	Possible NPE in XMLUtils
+AXIS2-3998	ServiceContext.activate never executes the else block
+AXIS2-3999	Various bugs in deployment.Utils
+AXIS2-4000	EchoBlockingClient on axis 1.x to 2.x migration page is missing line to set options
into client
+AXIS2-4001	Log errors returned to client as Error, not Debug messages
+AXIS2-4002	Misspelling of HTTP constant definition?
+AXIS2-4003	Exception message in ListenerManager.start() is empty
+AXIS2-4004	Typo in the default axis2.xml for commented out parameter "requestMaxThreadPoolSize"
+AXIS2-4005	misspelling of "javascript" in line 39 in adminheader.jsp
+AXIS2-4006	[JDK16] 2 tests fail in integration module
+AXIS2-4007	SAAJ build fails under JDK1.6
+AXIS2-4008	When deploying using JAXWSMessageReceiver, the dynamic wsdl (?wsdl) should reflect
the annotations
+AXIS2-4009	Interop issue: Utf16 Mtom failure with MS WCF
+AXIS2-4010	NPE bug in ServerWorker.handlerException
+AXIS2-4011	ConcurrentModificationException when concurrent threads try to engage the Addressing
+AXIS2-4012	org.apache.axis2.saaj.SOAPConnectionImpl(line # 181) Null checking is required
+AXIS2-4013 problem accessing the parser. Parser already
accessed! - Authenticated WS Client
+AXIS2-4014	Introduce support in JAX-WS for OASIS XML Catalogs.
+AXIS2-4015	NPE in AxisConfiguration
+AXIS2-4016	Unable to send a result message to a host different from the caller (it was possible)
+AXIS2-4017	custom handler is not executed
+AXIS2-4018	Expose isMakeConnectionAnonymous on EPR
+AXIS2-4019	Make the definition of custom "anonymous" URIs configurable
+AXIS2-4020	wsdl2java exception with xmlbeans bindings - Imported schema has a target namespace
that does not match the specified
+AXIS2-4021	JAX-WS: @WebService name parameter should default to the name of the class
+AXIS2-4022	JAX-WS: Performance Improvement to JAXB Unmarshalling
+AXIS2-4023	pojo not working
+AXIS2-4024	Error in generated WSDL - Import missing
+AXIS2-4025	Premature Optimization of ReplyTo = Anon
+AXIS2-4026	Out-Of-Memory error on server side - Use of wsdl4j WSDLDefinition
+AXIS2-4027	axis2 deployment failure for web services proxied by Spring
+AXIS2-4028	AxisService name not unique enough
+AXIS2-4029	change JMS tests to not use port 61616 which is the default for Geronimo and ActiveMQ
+AXIS2-4030	Problem with ConverterUtil date conversion
+AXIS2-4031	specified MessageReceiver from services.xml is ignored
+AXIS2-4032	Nullpointer exception when BuilderUtils can not resolve a Builder
+AXIS2-4033	UnsupportedOperationException due to usage of Arrays.asList
+AXIS2-4034	CORBA module for Axis2
+AXIS2-4035	Improve Performance of RuntimeServiceDescription code
+AXIS2-4036	Codegen with unwrapping argument fails
+AXIS2-4037	December 20 nightly build -- jsp exception
+AXIS2-4038	Writing JAXWS Clients - How to specify the axis2.xml and repository
+AXIS2-4039	Provide new plugpoint in JAX-WS server-side code
+AXIS2-4040	Axis2 generates incorrect schema imports in WSDL returned via ?wsdl
+AXIS2-4041	Plugin in JAXWS RI's wsgen to generate the dynamic wsdl/xsd's
+AXIS2-4042	Performance: Swap lookup order in AxisService.getOperationsBySOAPAction
+AXIS2-4043	The ConfigurationContext in Axis2-Kernal causes ConcurrentModificationException
in Session-Scope and thus is not multithreading-able
+AXIS2-4044	Clean build of java/Axis2 from head failed in SOAP Monitor step
+AXIS2-4045	Tolerate Java 6 JRE for JAX-WS applications
+AXIS2-4046	Make it easy to set HTTP proxy
+AXIS2-4047	Document JSR181 support
+AXIS2-4048	WSDL2C:
+AXIS2-4049	Incorrect Exception in WSDL11ToAxisServiceBuilder
+AXIS2-4050	java.lang.RuntimeException: Unexpected subelement value
+AXIS2-4051	Merge inbound WS-Addressing handlers into a single handler
+AXIS2-4052	No logging in POJODeployer at all
+AXIS2-4053	Response invalidly delivered even ReplyTo is absent in Header
+AXIS2-4054	Error in generated WSDL file - wsaw namespace
+AXIS2-4055	No access to the operationContextMap in the ConfigurationContext class
+AXIS2-4056	AbstractContext should lazily create the PropertyDifferences map
+AXIS2-4057	Support JAX-WS and Metadata client-side sparse composite to override certain annotation
+AXIS2-4058	TransportUtils aggressively changing content type from text/xml to application/xml
+AXIS2-4059	JAXB Unmarshaller cannot find the MTOM DataHandler
+AXIS2-4060	NullPointerException in MetaData code
+AXIS2-4061	NullPointerException in the Namespace->Package code used by JAXWS
+AXIS2-4062	WS-Addressing EndpointReference elements not getting added in the outgoing soap
+AXIS2-4063	setting handler resolver on dispatch client does not call expected handlers
+AXIS2-4064	Eliminate redundant lookup in MessageContext.getProperty(String)
+AXIS2-4065	Modify BlockImpl to avoid double unmarshalling
+AXIS2-4066	Incorrect check in org.apache.axis2.saaj.SOAPHeaderImpl#addHeaderElement
+AXIS2-4067	Nested swaRef attachments not sent in message
+AXIS2-4068	JAX-WS BasicAuth client config should allow no password
+AXIS2-4069	Performance: Improve the FactoryRegistry code
+AXIS2-4070	The modules/parent/pom.xml has an invalid dependency on org.apache.woden:woden-1.0.0M6.jar
+AXIS2-4071	'-or (overwrite) option of WSDL2Code doesn't work for services.xml
+AXIS2-4072	wrong codegen for anytype
+AXIS2-4073	OMException with the message "localname can not be null or empty"
+AXIS2-4074	Codegen bug with different namespaces (including proposed fix)
+AXIS2-4075	Cannot generate code giving a remote HTTP URI, when the client is behind an HTTP
proxy server
+AXIS2-4076	choice of sequence of union causes infinite loop in generated ADB binding
+AXIS2-4077	Axis2-aar-Maven2 plugin SNAPSHOT does not work, while a locally build one works
+AXIS2-4078	Prefix error serializing ADB bean
+AXIS2-4079	minimize response from RPCMessageReceiver
+AXIS2-4080	Use wrapper types when elements are optional (i.e.: nillable="true" or minOccurs="0"/maxOccurs="1")
+AXIS2-4081	Code generation fails if a wsdl has schema imports and that wsdl is included in
a service archive with useOriginalWsdl = true
+AXIS2-4082	XML dateTime strings are not converted correctly
+AXIS2-4083	Using minOccurs="0" on element within sequence does not accept if element is empty...
+AXIS2-4084	hot update - class not reloaded
+AXIS2-4085	JAX-WS: JAXB Processing Improvement
+AXIS2-4086	Invalid xs:date serialization (WSDL2Java generated code)
+AXIS2-4087	Hotupdate seems to be broken in the latest snapshots
+AXIS2-4088	XmlStreamParser in RMI module can encounter problems with nesting
+AXIS2-4089	Test case errors in integration module can cause failures when not using Sun JVM.
+AXIS2-4090	No readme for jaxws-calculator sample
+AXIS2-4091	WSDL2C 30-November Snapshot - non-blocking prototypes in headers do not match
function implementations with adb option
+AXIS2-4092	When exception arises from createMessageFromValue, create Protocol specific exception
instead of the generic WebserviceException
+AXIS2-4093	Axis2 webapp throws exception with missing class at startup
+AXIS2-4094	Make JAXWS POJODeployer behave the same as AAR files with respect to hot deploy
and redeploy
+AXIS2-4095	JAX-WS: wsdl11 generation fails if @WebMethod annotation is specified with member
+AXIS2-4096	When setting the operationName using JSR181 the service fails to show WSDL correctly
+AXIS2-4097	Generation of Client Stubs with WSDL having WSSecurity (Username token) created
with Weblogic9.2
+AXIS2-4098	Deployment of embedded service causes IllegalArgumentException: Filename must
not be null
+AXIS2-4099	Scrub jaxws module for NLS
+AXIS2-4100	Performance: JAX-WS MessageContext getProperty/setProperty improvement
+AXIS2-4101	Genarate RPC signature in WSDL2 when valid
+AXIS2-4102	Ability to have XML as documentation in the wsdl
+AXIS2-4103	NullPointerException in WSDL20ToAxisServiceBuilder
+AXIS2-4104	java.lang.StackOverflowError when trying to generate code for an Amazon service.
+AXIS2-4105	The generated services.xml file is not validate
+AXIS2-4106	WSDL2Java fails with "Can not find an attribute group for group reference" (Malformed
UTF-8 Character Exception in WSDL2Java only in nightly build, not in 1.0 stable)
+AXIS2-4107	Code generated by wsdl2java doesnot compile
+AXIS2-4108	Problems with ADB Client and XMLBeans Service
+AXIS2-4109	Enhance adb binding union to default to type xs:any
+AXIS2-4110	Unresolved symbol when using attribute
+AXIS2-4111	Cannot throw same fault from multiple methods
+AXIS2-4112	Switch to XmlBeans 2.3.0. Adapt to xmlbeans dependency renaming.
+AXIS2-4113	Incorrect wsdl2java behaviour: target dir + reformatting
+AXIS2-4114	JAXWS: Add support for SOAPMessageContext.getHeaders(QName qname, JAXBContext
jaxbcontext, boolean allRoles)
+AXIS2-4115	JAX-WS Dispatch(Source) returns a StAXSource if JDK 6.0. StAXSource is not acceptable
in many scenarios.
+AXIS2-4116	Performance: Synchronization of AbstractContext.addPropertyDifference degrades
+AXIS2-4117	optional attributes are generated as required
+AXIS2-4118	Wrong code generation (syntax error: staticabstract)
+AXIS2-4119	ADB Boolean type mapping incorrect for '1' and '0'
+AXIS2-4120	SOAP header block attributes
+AXIS2-4121	Client sender connections not cleaned up when AxisFault received.
+AXIS2-4122	Incorrect configuration in maven-wsdl2code-plugin.html doc
+AXIS2-4123	fix documentation on the axis2 website
+AXIS2-4124	Maven2 WSDL2Code Plug-in Guide has incorrect and missing descriptions.
+AXIS2-4125	NullPointerException when web service request is missing Content-Type
+AXIS2-4126	Axis2.1.2 listService is not working
+AXIS2-4127	[PATCH] Upgrades 'Simple' HTTP and NIO HTTP transports to HttpCore 4.0-alpha6
+AXIS2-4128	Proposing "AXIS2 Powered" Logo
+AXIS2-4129	Throws NullPointerException in RPCMessageReceiver when handling Exception in catch
block; real stack trace is lost
+AXIS2-4130	When I use SMTP as for the communication in the server side it never send the
+AXIS2-4131	Axis2 client stub fails randomly under load with a Parser error
+AXIS2-4132	Detail in Error message thrown from databinding types is not explanatory
+AXIS2-4133	java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/wsdl/WSDLException on axis2-wsdl2code-maven-plugin
+AXIS2-4134	When you add a namespaceUri packageName in axis2-wsdlcode-maven-plugin, it will
complain that you don't have one.
+AXIS2-4135	Compile error in generated JUnit
+AXIS2-4136	Axis2 Client generation with wsdl2 java with -g option does not generate skema
+AXIS2-4137	Java2Security of getAnnotation calls
+AXIS2-4138	Scrub metadata module for NLS
+AXIS2-4139	Wrong java code generation with adb for data type boolean
+AXIS2-4140	Provide getter/setters on DescriptionBuilderComposite for InputStream to handler
chain config file
+AXIS2-4141	Client stub generation fails for WSDL's with wsdl:import
+AXIS2-4142	An xsd-file specifies both elements and attributes as parts of a SOAP block header.
WSDL2Java generates all neccessary code for both elements and attributes but only the elements
are included in the actual SOAP request when it arrives to the server
+AXIS2-4143	maven2 wsdl2code plugin does not work
+AXIS2-4144	Invalid content-type on http header. missed "<" and ">"
+AXIS2-4145	NPE when demarshalling a fault response
+AXIS2-4146	JAXWS: Performance: Remove Synchronization in JAXBUtils
+AXIS2-4147	jaxen-LICENCE.txt should have jaxen licence text rather than Apache v2.0
+AXIS2-4148	Corrections to the JAX-WS Async Endpoint thread switching code.
+AXIS2-4149	Date gets changed for xs:date types
+AXIS2-4150	ADB still not clever enough wrt Elements and ComplexTypes with the same name.
+AXIS2-4151	wsdl2java modifies foreign java sources that it did not create on its own before.
+AXIS2-4152	ConverterUtil.convertToArray fails for boolean.class
+AXIS2-4153	The WSDL2Java ADB binding doesn't take namespace into account
+AXIS2-4154	Getting error while deploying web service made using Axis2.1.3
+AXIS2-4155	IntelliJ Service Archiver class file browser not working
+AXIS2-4156	add an option not to generate xmlbeans classes and instead get them from classpath
+AXIS2-4157	Using attributeFormDefault="qualified" in a schema causes null attribute values
in Java objects
+AXIS2-4158	There is a bug in generated stub, it can not get AxisFault detail or reason when
server side respond with an envelope that has fault string and fault detail
+AXIS2-4159	change in WSDLWriter11 forbids wsdl:import of xsd files
+AXIS2-4160	Multiple XSD's in codegen
+AXIS2-4161 never end and consume all the CPU
+AXIS2-4162	Local types in schemes not supported
+AXIS2-4163	Creation of web service client from wsdl fails with xmlbeans binding where scomp
suceeds for the same wsdl
+AXIS2-4164	wsdl2java ADB client creates 'staticabstract' instead of 'static abstract'
+AXIS2-4165	Generating adb client or service binding has a problem with patterns
+AXIS2-4166	ADB Binding doesn't generate default value for the element
+AXIS2-4167	Make SOAP 1.2 bindings optional, as they break older Axis 1 clients
+AXIS2-4168	Support custom annotations in the MDQ layer
+AXIS2-4169	Provide ServiceInstanceFactory mechanism in JAX-WS layer
+AXIS2-4170	Allow for custom classloader use in JAXBUtils
+AXIS2-4171	Allow file based override for MetadataFactoryRegistry
+AXIS2-4172	JavaProvider is not reestablishing its EndpointDesc object
+AXIS2-4173	Add fully qualified field class name as property on FieldDescriptionComposite
in the metadata module.
+AXIS2-4174	Add log statements to jaxws msg util classes
+AXIS2-4175	Extend Spring support to accept proxies
+AXIS2-4176	Add Spring Support
+AXIS2-4177	Disabling REST should should make the http binding generation in WSDL stop too..
+AXIS2-4178	Stubs generated for all the ports in wsdl2 code generation
+AXIS2-4179	POJO service with NULL array causes NPE
+AXIS2-4180	AxisConfiguration.isEngaged(QName) needs to remain as deprecated for legacy apps
+AXIS2-4181	There are numerous public methods on ConfigurationContext which do not have comments.
+AXIS2-4182	AnnotationServiceImplDescriptionTests broken
+AXIS2-4183	Java 2 Security
+AXIS2-4184	Asynchronous web service invocation does not return XML response on a SOAP fault
+AXIS2-4185	Internal server error when modifying axis2.xml in axis2 1.3 war distribution
+AXIS2-4186	JiBX databinding doesn't work with eclipse code generator plugin
+AXIS2-4187	Generating Java 1.5 Code when using XMLBeans
+AXIS2-4188	JAX-WS: Performance Changes related to property migration code
+AXIS2-4189	ServiceDescription caching leads to memory leak
+AXIS2-4190	Add validation checks for SOAPBinding annotations
+AXIS2-4191	MessageContext Persistence Performance Improvement
+AXIS2-4192	Connections are not properly released causing them to stick in the "CLOSE_WAIT"
state and cause "Too many files open"
+AXIS2-4193	wsdl2java creates invalid proxy
+AXIS2-4194	Accessing to unexistant get() method from MessageReceiver when using xmlbeans
+AXIS2-4195	Axis 1.3 exception class doesn't inherit from java.lang.exception ( broken)
+AXIS2-4196	Incorrectly generated stub functions
+AXIS2-4197	Getting errors when sending attachement using MTOM.
+AXIS2-4198	Axis2 installationguide doc AXIS2_HOME error
+AXIS2-4199	Server sends close connection causes client to halt
+AXIS2-4200	AxisServlet closes OutputStream too early in some instances
+AXIS2-4201	Change RequestResponseTransport to support acknowledgements
+AXIS2-4202	Support for multiple Services specified in WSDL
+AXIS2-4203	Generated ADBBean: Issue with getPullParser() method for optional attributes
+AXIS2-4204	Externalization: Activation problem with OperationContext leads to out of memory
+AXIS2-4205	Wrong prefix used (resulting in a duplicate but conflicting declaration) when
sending fault message.
+AXIS2-4206	NPE when JAX-WS service receives empty soap body
+AXIS2-4207	JAXWS: Concurrent Modification in Property Migrator
+AXIS2-4208	Ensure content-type does not have a trailing ':'
+AXIS2-4209	JAX-WS: Fix to AsyncResponse to ensure that the returned object is unmarshalled
before reporting it as available
+AXIS2-4210	JAX-WS: A small performance improvement and some cleanup
+AXIS2-4211 problem accessing the parser when using NTLM
and stubs generated by xmlbeans
+AXIS2-4212	attribute not supported by Axis2.0 in the .xsd file
+AXIS2-4213	IllegalArgumentException: Null InputStream is not a valid argument when loading
axis client from URLClassLoader
+AXIS2-4214	ProviderDispatcher in JAX-WS does not allow for non-parameterized interfaces on
provider implementation
+AXIS2-4215	During InvocationResponse.ABORT processing, remove the incoming MessageContext
+AXIS2-4216	XMLUtils can cause an unclosed XMLStreamReader
+AXIS2-4217	Wrapper style mapping of Java method parameter - Jaxws 2.0 support for WSDL2Java
+AXIS2-4218	Policies that are attached using services.xml should appear in description hierarchy
instead of binding hierarcy
+AXIS2-4219	Additional JAXWS Annotation Checking
+AXIS2-4220	MessageContext Persistance is causing inlined attachments + Performance concerns
+AXIS2-4221	Null pointer exception in Axis2
+AXIS2-4222	NPE when parsing Async resonse in jaxws client side
+AXIS2-4223	duplicate xmlns="" attribute in client response
+AXIS2-4224	JAXWS JAXB Marshalling code is missing a doPriv
+AXIS2-4225	JAXBAttachmentUnmarshaller Attachment Content ID Resolution Improvement
+AXIS2-4226	JAX-WS 2.0 support for Apache Axis2 WSDL2Java Code Generator
+AXIS2-4227	Some improvements to JAX-WS 2.0 support for WSDL2Java

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