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From Nicholas L Gallardo <>
Subject Re: [axis2] proposal: jaxws-integration module
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2008 16:52:38 GMT

Thanks guys...  I'll get this going and post a note when there's something



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+1 to moving the tests to a jaxws-integration module and to splitting out
the tests in JAXWSTest.

Note that spliting out the JAXWSTest may be trickier than it sounds.  Dims
actually tried that some time back, making each test run independently.
With some JDKs (but not all) and/or on Windows there was a timing problem
with the server starting and stopping in each test.  I forget now if the
problem surfaced when using different JDKs or if it was a Windows-only
problem, but in the end the change was reverted because, at that time, we
couldn't take the time to restructure the test to work everywhere.


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"David Illsley" <>
01/24/2008 05:59 PM
Please respond to


Re: [axis2] proposal: jaxws-integration module

Sounds good to me. The big JAXWSTest driver has always bugged me, and
I've always found the JAX-WS tests pretty impenetrable (more so than
the implementation!)

On Jan 24, 2008 8:55 PM, Nicholas L Gallardo <> wrote:
> All,
>  As we start the process of integrating the JAX-WS runtime into the
> deployment model, it seems like a good time to revisit the existing
> structure for the jaxws module. I'm specifically interested in improving
> structure of how function or end-to-end tests are added in.
>  Right now, the modules/jaxws/test bucket is a mix of both unit tests
> function tests. I'd like to split that up and introduce a new module,
> jaxws-integration, that has the function tests in a more organized
> than exists today. This would also allow us to remove the wonky
> driver that exists today, making it easier to drop unit tests in and run
> them individually.
>  As time goes on, if we need a special location for deployment code for
> JAX-WS, this module can serve as a repository for that.
>  Thoughts?
>  -Nick

David Illsley - IBM Web Services Development

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