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From "Saminda Abeyruwan" <>
Subject Re: Improvement to mail transport from a Synapse use case
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2007 06:34:42 GMT
> Yes, but in user e-mail there's some expectation that the user looks
> at how they were addressed to, perhaps because of the message content.
> We don't (AFAIK) have any notion of that in SOAP/email, or do we?
> Of course we could add a none ReplyTo to the copies which would have
> the desired effect, but if we do that, it really calls for multiple
> messages to be sent at the ServiceClient level rather than relying on
> smtp cc, bcc.

When addressing is enabled, with ServiceClient, it has to set "TO" address.
Thus, at transport level, sender will receive the envelop with wsa:TO set to
prior address. If CC or BCC used, wsa:TO of copies should be changed
accordingly. I'm not sure whether one could change the payload according to
CC or BCC using JavaMail without any high level intervention.

Other possible solution would be to filter CCs and BCCs to individual
addresses and send them to endpoints as "wsa:TO" with none ReplyTo address.
This would require some processing at transport level.

Thank you


Saminda Abeyruwan

Senior Software Engineer
WSO2 Inc. -

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