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From Nicholas L Gallardo <>
Subject Re: JAX-WS: problems with annotated methods
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2007 21:09:16 GMT


Are you talking about a JAX-WS specific deployer, or the POJO deployer?
I'm not aware of a JAX-WS specific one, but certainly agree that one is

My guess as to what's happening...

Right now, we have POJO deployment, but we don't have good JAX-WS
integration into the deployment infrastructure.  You're bean is being
picked up as a POJO and deployed as such which is where the "echoMethod"
entry is coming from.

Then, when your request hits the JAXWSMessageReceiver the first time, the
JAX-WS layer goes through its own metadata initialization.  This includes
building up not only a EndpointDescription/OperationDescription, but a set
of AxisService/AxisOperation objects to match.  These are being mapped to
"echomethodString" which is where the other entry comes from.

When you say "It takes echoMethod and echomethodString as two different
methods.", what exactly do you mean there?  They are reflected as two
operations in the WSDL?

To the point of the WSDL 1.1 generation, that leads me to believe this
isn't being deployed as a JAX-WS endpoint at all.  We've known for a while
that since we don't have formal tooling for JAX-WS that there is no
generation.  I'm guessing that you're endpoint is being deployed as a
normal POJO endpoint using the base Axis2 runtime instead of JAX-WS.



             "keith chapman"                                               
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                                       Re: JAX-WS: problems with annotated 
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This is due to a bug in the jaxws deployer and MessageReceiver. This can be
solved as follows,

During deployment name the axisOperation according to the annotation
("echomethodString") in this case and put a parameter into the
axisOperation stating the actual method name, therefore  in the
messageReceiver we know which method to call. Can somebody familiar with
JaxWS code do this fix please.

On Nov 20, 2007 11:42 AM, Charitha Kankanamge <> wrote:
  Hi devs,

  I was trying to deploy jax-ws based service using axis2. Here is my
  service impl class. please note that, I did not include any wsdl inside
  the service jar.

  @WebService(name= "WSASJAX_Service2", targetNamespace =
  public class jaxwsservice2 {
     @WebMethod(operationName = "echomethodString")
     public String echoMethod(String s){
         return s;


  Axis2 does not handle this service correctly. It takes echoMethod and
  echomethodString as two different methods. Also Axis2 was unable to
  generate wsdl1.1 using the above service impl class. WSDL generation was
  successful when I removed the annotation members of @WEbMethod

  It seems that the Axis2 JAX-WS implementation is unable to handle some
  of the annotations which have annon members. I reported a JIRA for this
  issue at

  since this is a fundamental scenario, it will be great if this is
  resolved ASAP.

  Please let me know if there are any issues in the above steps which were
  used to generate jax-ws service.


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Keith Chapman
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