Is there a version of Rampart that works with Axis2 1.3 final release?  I saw posts in the forum that Rampart 1.2 has issues with Axis1.3 RC1 but does that issue also exist with Axis 1.3 final release?  I am trying Rampart 1.2 sample01 (completed all the steps in readme.txt) and getting this error when running server for sample01:

org.apache.axis2.deployment.DeploymentException: The rampart module is not valid or has not been deployed.

Also if I hit the URL of the samples server:


I get the following error:

Faulty Services
C:\tools\rampart- 1.2\samples\basic\build\service_repositories\sample01\services\sample01.aar

I've tried various versions of Rampart and all report the same error with Axis2 1.3.  Is there a version that works with latest Axis?

Thank you,