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From Nicholas L Gallardo <>
Subject [axis2] [proposal] Delegate MustUnderstand header check to MessageReceiver
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2007 21:17:21 GMT

Forwarding with subject tags...

----- Forwarded by Nicholas L Gallardo/Austin/IBM on 10/18/2007 04:16 PM
             Nikhil V                                                      
             BM@IBMUS                                                   To 
             10/18/2007 03:10                                           cc 
                                       Delegate MustUnderstand header      
             Please respond to         check to MessageReceiver            

I would like to propose a change to handle certain situations in jaxws
where we need to postpone the must understand header check from the
AxisEngine to the MessageReceiver. For example, in case of jaxws handler,
an application can choose to implement getHeaders() and choose to add valid
header qnames in that implementation. A mustUnderstand validation needs to
happen for this scenario as described in section 10.2.1 of jaxws
specification, in this situation if the jaxws handlers are not loaded, the
must understand checks has to be postponed from AxisEngine until the
handler are loaded and available in jaxws implementation.

Currently all the must understand processing happens in AxisEngine's
receive() method, I would like to provide a facility in AxisEngine code
where we can choose to delegate MustUnderstand Check to a  Message
Receiver. I would like to propose addition of a new interface called
MessageReceiverExtension in Kernel module which has a method
isMustUnderstandCheckPostponed, this new interface will be implemented by
JAXWSMessageReceiver and will help in making the runtime decision to
postpone must understand check in AxisEngine code.

Attached is the patch with proposed changes.

Nikhil Thaker
office: 512 838 9964 attached file: patch_with_tests.txt)
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