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From "Tom Jordahl" <>
Subject RE: Getting axis2 transport out from the kernel
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2007 16:11:29 GMT
> Well the best thing, IMO, is to ship the current http transport
> with the release, by default and let users download others if
> they want to use.

+1 - The best thing for Axis2 is for the Axis users, not for Synapse.
The fewer jar files the better as well.  The core of Axis2 should have
the 'standard' HTTP transport - anything else is just noise to 90+% of

Keep your eyes on the target: making Axis2 easy to use for users.

Tom Jordahl

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From: Eran Chinthaka [] 
Sent: Monday, October 08, 2007 11:02 PM
Subject: Re: Getting axis2 transport out from the kernel

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Ok, I have couple of questions just to understand what the plan is.
Let's assume we separate out transports in to a module.


What will this module contain? Will it have all the transports,
including http, smtp, tcp, etc., or will there be modules for each and
every transport?

What will be shipped with Axis2 release? All of them or none?
If it is none,
	do you expect people to download Axis2 release AND another
that he/she wants to use?
else will we release the transport we have now?
	if yes, then Synapse will again have the same problem.

What will be inside default axis2.xml?

Well the best thing, IMO, is to ship the current http transport with the
release, by default and let users download others if they want to use.
The intuition is that most of the time the transport will be http and
will make the life easier for about 90% of the users.

Also I'd like to evaluate the impact of this on the HTTP binding
implementation that we have now. I think that also will go out of

Just my 2 cents.


Srinath Perera wrote:
>> Guys.. the confusion/problem/root cause is this.. the Synapse
>> re-wrote the JMS transport initially, and checked this into the Axis2
>> Kernel module as other transports were in there at the time. Actually
>> this replaced the previous JMS transport Axis2 had.
>> Then we wrote a new non-blocking http/s transport, and kept this
>> Synapse. After some time there was a suggestion from Axis2 that we
>> should check this code into Axis2 instead to make it available to a
>> wider audience for usage, testing and improving overall quality as
>> Thus we checked this into Axis2 [Kernel :-(]
> +1 yes that is right way to go
>> Now the problem is this.. The JMS transport was implemented for JMS
>> and the ESB community encountered users who wanted to deploy
>> apps using JMS 1.0.2. We also had a few bug fixes going into the NIO
>> transport - where we couldn't wait for "the next axis2" release. We
>> developed a Apache VFS based file/ftp/sftp/.. transport lately. We
>> like to give this code to all Axis2 users for sure, but not within
>> Axis2-kernel module - as it would create issues for us to make never
>> versions of these same classes for our use.
>> As you may be already aware, Synapse is very close to transports -
>> we want the maximum out of them, and would encounter most users who
>> would be looking for custom transports etc. We also do lots of load
>> testing for concurrency and NIO related issues.. and we want to stay
>> upto-date with the latest HttpCore release. Now since we committed
>> initial transport code into Axis2-kernel, we are in a fix on making
>> updates as and when required for Synapse releases.
>> All we ask for is for Axis2 to create a module for transports and
>> transports out from the kernel.
> OK you convinced me. I am +1 on creating module for transports.
> However as David pointed out we have to do it in Axis2 major release.
> One middle ground would be to create a transport module and first add
> additional transports while leaving what ever we have in kernel as it
> is for now. At a major release you can move other transports out as
> well. (May be you can leave http transport in the core for testing
> reasons, but that we can decide later). That way we can ship
> additional transports with minor release without adding them to
> axis2.xml, and synapse can add them via custom axis2.xml.
> Thanks
> Srinath
>> asankha
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