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From Qil.Wong <>
Subject axis2: create database connection by services in web server(not axis2 server)
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2007 03:12:50 GMT

    Yesterdy I asked Antonio about the db connection creation in a service.
The answer was: Put the db driver .jar in /axis2/WEB-INF/lib, all jars what
you want to use must go here. I followed that and did it, but with a little
change(because I didn't have a web server then), I put the db drivers into
axis2/lib and run with axis2server, everything was OK, so I think it would
be right in a web server(tomcat, eg.).

   Today I have installed a tomcat(6.0), and unzip axis2-1.3.war into
tomcat6/webapp, put my service into tomcat6/webapp/aixs2/services, and put
the drivers into tomcat6/webapp//axis2/WEB-INF/lib, but it does NOT work, it
still popups an error when creating a connection: no suitable drivers.

    Could anyone explain it?



Question yesterday:

>>    I  have one javase application and now I need to change it into axis2
webservice and publish it.

>>    While it was javase application, it run fine(certanlly, it could db
connections). But after I change it into axis2 service, when the
>>application tries to create database connection, there will be an
exception : no suitable driver. Actually, all the jdbc libs needed are in

 >>   My method to get connection is from a common database pool(with apache
libs:common-dbcp.jar,common-pool.jar), the database >>is sqlserver2000. If I
get the connection directly by using: Class.forName(...), Connection conn =
>>DriverManager.getConnection(url,name,psw), I could get the connection

 >>   Could anyone tell me how to solve it by using database connection

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