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From Deepal Jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: Delegate MustUnderstand header check to MessageReceiver
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2007 23:55:38 GMT
Hi Nikhil ,
I am 0+ on introducing a new interface , however if JAXWS really want
this let's add this. I think not only JAXWS , Synapse also asked similar
request. Apart from what we are going to do by looking at the patch I
realized that we need to improve the patch a bit. Specially we do not
need the following lines of code

 AxisService axisService = msgContext.getAxisService();
+        Parameter p = new Parameter(Constants.FAULTY_HEADER_QNAMES, faultyHeaderQNames);
+        axisService.addParameter(p);

What we should do is use Contexts to store such data , in this case we may store in either
MessageContext of ServiceContext.


> I would like to propose a change to handle certain situations in jaxws
> where we need to postpone the must understand header check from the
> AxisEngine to the MessageReceiver. For example, in case of jaxws
> handler, an application can choose to implement getHeaders() and
> choose to add valid header qnames in that implementation. A
> mustUnderstand validation needs to happen for this scenario as
> described in section 10.2.1 of jaxws specification, in this situation
> if the jaxws handlers are not loaded, the must understand checks has
> to be postponed from AxisEngine until the handler are loaded and
> available in jaxws implementation.
> Currently all the must understand processing happens in AxisEngine's
> receive() method, I would like to provide a facility in AxisEngine
> code where we can choose to delegate MustUnderstand Check to a
>  Message Receiver. I would like to propose addition of a new interface
> called MessageReceiverExtension in Kernel module which has a method
> isMustUnderstandCheckPostponed, this new interface will be implemented
> by JAXWSMessageReceiver and will help in making the runtime decision
> to postpone must understand check in AxisEngine code.
> Attached is the patch with proposed changes.
> Nikhil Thaker
> office: 512 838 9964
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