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From Deepal jayasinghe <>
Subject Axis2 based Web Services Application Server, WSO2 WSAS 2.1 released
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2007 13:17:47 GMT
Hi Folks,

We are happy to announce the release of WSO2 Web Services Application
Server (WSAS) 2.1, the enterprise ready Web services engine powered by
Apache Axis2. WSAS is a Java runtime for hosting services & runs
standalone or in conjunction with Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, BEA
WebLogic, JBossAS and any other servlet container. WSAS makes it easy to
develop, deploy and manage services using a graphical management console.

WSO2 WSAS is an open source product released under the Apache Software
License 2.0.

The core features of WSO2 WSAS include;

     * Axis1 backward compatibility - Expose legacy Axis 1.x Web services
       as Axis2 Web services & engage Axis2's WS-* protocols such as
       WS-Security & WSRM in front of legacy services.

     * Simple approach to provide WS-SecurityPolicy based Rampart
       configuration with graphical tools, using a set of most common
       security scenarios.

     * Data services support - Easily expose data stored in a relational
       database via a Web service API

     * EJB service provider support - Easily expose EJBs as Web services

     * WSAS IDE - Eclipse IDE plugin supporting code-first and
       contract-first development

     * Clustering support - Web service state replication & management of
       WSAS nodes

     * Full support for WS-Security, WS-Trust, WS-Policy and WS-Secure
       Conversation and XKMS

     * GUIs for popular Axis2 tools such as wsdl2java[1] & java2wsdl[2]

     * GUI Tool for trying out any Web service[3]

     * GUI tool for converting WSDL 1.1 to 2.0 documents[4]

     * GUI based services.xml[5] & module.xml[6] validator

You can try a live version of WSO2 WSAS 2.1 (no download needed) here:
(Any services you deploy will be removed within an hour.)

For more details, see the WSAS release note.

Useful Links
Download WSAS -
How to do various stuff with WSAS -
WSAS IDE - WSO2 Web Services Application Server, v2.0 - Eclipse WTP

Contribute to WSAS
User list: <>
Dev list: <>

1. wsdl2code           -
2. WSDL View           -
3. Try it              -
4. WSDL Converter      -
5. Services Validator  -
6. Module Validator    -

Thank You
WSO2 WSAS Development Team

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