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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject Re: Getting axis2 transport out from the kernel
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2007 08:37:02 GMT
Hi David
> I also think it would be reasonable to split the
> transports out of axis2-kernel.
Great :-)..
> I think where I'm worried is the idea that we could do a quick .1
> release with that kind of change - that's simply not realistic. It's
> definately something that would require a fair amount of testing.
> What's the desired timeframe for the synapse release we're talking
> about?
I totally agree.. and I am not pushing for that right away.. I can 
manage the next release of Synapse (i.e. 1.1) the way things are using a 
few tricks like putting our copy of the transport in-front of the 
Axis2-kernel etc. at runtime.

My intention would be to explain the reasoning behind asking for this 
change and make sure that Axis2 folks are comfortable with a split like 
this for the next planned Axis2 release. This maybe a point release or a 
major release - and need not be in a hurry to support Synapse

> On 05/10/2007, Asankha C. Perera <> wrote:
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>> and thus I am sending this as a new message instead of a reply to the thread
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>> Guys.. the confusion/problem/root cause is this.. the Synapse community
>> re-wrote the JMS transport initially, and checked this into the Axis2
>> Kernel module as other transports were in there at the time. Actually
>> this replaced the previous JMS transport Axis2 had.
>> Then we wrote a new non-blocking http/s transport, and kept this within
>> Synapse. After some time there was a suggestion from Axis2 that we
>> should check this code into Axis2 instead to make it available to a
>> wider audience for usage, testing and improving overall quality as well.
>> Thus we checked this into Axis2 [Kernel :-(]
>> Now the problem is this.. The JMS transport was implemented for JMS 1.1,
>> and the ESB community encountered users who wanted to deploy production
>> apps using JMS 1.0.2. We also had a few bug fixes going into the NIO
>> transport - where we couldn't wait for "the next axis2" release. We also
>> developed a Apache VFS based file/ftp/sftp/.. transport lately. We would
>> like to give this code to all Axis2 users for sure, but not within the
>> Axis2-kernel module - as it would create issues for us to make never
>> versions of these same classes for our use.
>> As you may be already aware, Synapse is very close to transports - i.e.
>> we want the maximum out of them, and would encounter most users who
>> would be looking for custom transports etc. We also do lots of load
>> testing for concurrency and NIO related issues.. and we want to stay
>> upto-date with the latest HttpCore release. Now since we committed our
>> initial transport code into Axis2-kernel, we are in a fix on making safe
>> updates as and when required for Synapse releases.
>> All we ask for is for Axis2 to create a module for transports and take
>> transports out from the kernel.
>> asankha
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