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From "Asankha C. Perera" <>
Subject Re: Getting axis2 transport out from the kernel
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2007 07:33:48 GMT
Note: For some strange reason, this mail returned twice with the error:
<>: failed after I sent the message.
Remote host said: 552 spam score (5.9) exceeded threshold
and thus I am sending this as a new message instead of a reply to the thread

Guys.. the confusion/problem/root cause is this.. the Synapse community 
re-wrote the JMS transport initially, and checked this into the Axis2 
Kernel module as other transports were in there at the time. Actually 
this replaced the previous JMS transport Axis2 had.

Then we wrote a new non-blocking http/s transport, and kept this within 
Synapse. After some time there was a suggestion from Axis2 that we 
should check this code into Axis2 instead to make it available to a 
wider audience for usage, testing and improving overall quality as well. 
Thus we checked this into Axis2 [Kernel :-(]

Now the problem is this.. The JMS transport was implemented for JMS 1.1, 
and the ESB community encountered users who wanted to deploy production 
apps using JMS 1.0.2. We also had a few bug fixes going into the NIO 
transport - where we couldn't wait for "the next axis2" release. We also 
developed a Apache VFS based file/ftp/sftp/.. transport lately. We would 
like to give this code to all Axis2 users for sure, but not within the 
Axis2-kernel module - as it would create issues for us to make never 
versions of these same classes for our use.

As you may be already aware, Synapse is very close to transports - i.e. 
we want the maximum out of them, and would encounter most users who 
would be looking for custom transports etc. We also do lots of load 
testing for concurrency and NIO related issues.. and we want to stay 
upto-date with the latest HttpCore release. Now since we committed our 
initial transport code into Axis2-kernel, we are in a fix on making safe 
updates as and when required for Synapse releases.

All we ask for is for Axis2 to create a module for transports and take 
transports out from the kernel.


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