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From "Eran Chinthaka" <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Axis2 Release Restructuring
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2007 05:32:13 GMT
Hi Amila,

On 10/29/07, Amila Suriarachchi <> wrote:
> hi,
> As I understood we are going to shift the Axis2 as five sperate artifacts.
> 1. Kernal
> 2. Axis2 Server
> 3. Axis2 Client
> 4. Tools
> 5. Optional

Why do we have Kernel,  Server and Client separate. I like to have minimal
set of jars in one distro. That doesn't mean we will have server and client
separate. Even if we have them separate they will have the same content. So
as I proposed earlier, let's collapse kernel (whatever you meant to have in
it), server and client in to one distro. But let's ask David to pick a name
for that :D

what are the things we going to shift on each module? to which modules we
> are going to put other jars?
> (i.e axiom, neethi, common jars)

Well whatever required will be shipped in core and full distros. And tools
distro will have only the deps that they need in addition to what core
distro has.

Does Axis2 server and Axis2 Client supposed to have only the Runtime jars?


In user list I saw lot of people ask
> this question. What is the minimal set of jars needed at runtime?

I am talking about minimal set of jars to use Axis2. See the modules list I
included in my earlier email.

adb-codegen and codegen modules are not used in runtime. I think they should
> also goes to the
> tools package. And also java2wsdl is only used in Serverside I think.

You can put them inside tools. But IMO, they should also come one
(get-name-from-David) release.

why you have put the samples to the kernal distribution?

I hope this is clarified from the above answers.

what about the jaxws, fastinfoset. mex etc are we going to put them all to
> optional package?

Yes. And some of these will come in full distro which will be almost
equivalent to what we are releasing as standard distro, right now.

Actually how are we going to define the content of Axis2 server and client?
> if I say the content of the
> 1. Axis2 Server as
> the minal set of jars needed to deploy a service written using the
> RawXmlMessageReceiver
> and the Axis2 client as
> the minmal set of jars needed to invoke that service using Service Client
> interface?

Well, again see the modules that I have proposed. Whatever jars required for
those modules will be shipped with them.


( I hope you will have less questions next time ;) )

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