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From "Bill Kuker" <>
Subject Minor bug & fix in SOAPMonitor from AXIS 1.4
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2007 17:39:12 GMT
There is a minor bug in SOAPMonitor applet. If you start it after a
request has come in, but before the response gets sent back, the
SOAPMonitorHandler sends the response to the applet, which can't find a
request and disconnects, saying "The server communication has been

The following function throws a NullPointerException trying to get the
id value. For clarity I've just included the fix in context. The stderr
output is clearly not necessary.

         * Find the data for a given id
        public SOAPMonitorData findData(Long id) {
            SOAPMonitorData soap = null;
            for (int row=data.size(); (row > 0) && (soap == null);
row--) {
                soap = (SOAPMonitorData) data.elementAt(row-1);

                //NEW CODE
                if ( soap == null || soap.getId() == null ){
                	System.err.println("Never saw a request to match
this response.");
                	return null;
                //END NEW CODE

                if (soap.getId().longValue() != id.longValue()) {
                    soap = null;
            return soap;

Thanks AXIS folks for a great library!

-Bill Kuker

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