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From Michael Rheinheimer <>
Subject Re: [axis2] propose configuration option to prefer specific builder for text/xml content-type
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 14:56:51 GMT

Hi Thilina,

You are right about the configuration parameter in the axis2.xml file.  I
see the following section:

        <messageBuilder contentType="application/xml"

        <messageBuilder contentType="application/x-www-form-urlencoded"

        <messageBuilder contentType="multipart/form-data"


In the problem I describe, however, adding another messageBuilder element
for text/xml won't help.  The code changes the string passed to the
selector to application/xml before the selector is called.

Also, I did add the suggested check
"!msgContext.isPropertyTrue(Constants.Configuration.SOAP_RESPONSE_MEP)" as
an attempted fix.  In this failure case, this check evaluated to true (with
the '!') and the problem remained.

I'm certainly open to suggestions for a better fix.  Now that I see the
configuration parameters in the axis2.xml, I like my fix a little bit less.
Not quite sure how to get around the problem other than to increase the
precedence of the settings from the axis2.xml.  In other words, how about
the settings override the check for "Some services send REST responces as


Mike Rheinheimer
(512) 838-0086   t/l 678-0086
WebSphere WebService Core Engine Team

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                                       Re: [axis2] propose configuration   
                                       option to prefer specific builder   
             Please respond to         for text/xml content-type           

Ideally user should be able to override the builder mapping for any
content type using the axis2.xml. But it becomes bit tricky in this
case as text/xml is improperly used by two types of messages.

eg: to substitute text/xml to use ApplicationXMLBuilder.
<messageBuilder contentType="text/xml"


Did you check the value of the
 in the failing case.  If it is "true" then we can simply get away by
adding that to the if condition which checks "isServerSide". Notice
the !.

I'm fine with going ahead with a fix similar to what you proposed as
the last resort if we cannot find any better solutions(*KEITH* might
be able to help us in here).. But even in that case we should be able
to specify the new parameter from the axis2.xml and may be through a
messageContext property giving priority for the property.

Also I see few issues with the current patch[1] you have attached to the
1. Who is going to set the "builderForTextXML" in the
AxisConfiguration? If we are putting this, we should be able to
configure this using axis2.xml as well.

>-            // Some services send REST responces as text/xml. We
should convert it to
>-            // application/xml if its a REST response, if not it
will try to use the >SOAPMessageBuilder.
>-            if (HTTPConstants.MEDIA_TYPE_TEXT_XML.equals(type)) {
>-            }
>-            Builder builder =
BuilderUtil.getBuilderFromSelector(type, msgContext);
>-            if (log.isDebugEnabled()) {
>-                log.debug("createSOAPEnvelope using Builder (" +
>-                          builder.getClass() + ") selected from type
(" + type +")");
>-            }
>+            Builder builder =

strongly disagree with encapsulating all the builder selection logic
to a method called "getBuilderForTextXML".. It does not look right to
call that method when we are looking for a builder for MIME/Multipart
or any other content-type.

3. Also the new "getBuilderForTextXML" method seems to be trying to
make a shortcut in the case of text/xml.. But whatever the text/xml
code will get evaluated every time axis2 receives a message(duplicated
code), even with different content-type. We need to restructure that
method if we are going to commit it..



On 9/25/07, Michael Rheinheimer <> wrote:
> All,
>  (This email may be a dup for some of you... I forgot the [axis2] in the
> subject... oops. :)
>  I recently ran into a bug where the ApplicationXMLBuilder was the
> builder chosen by the TransportUtils.createDocumentElement,
> even though the needed builder was SOAP11Builder.
>  The content-type "text/xml" in the http header is somewhat arbitrary in
> that the specs do not align it with REST vs. SOAP11. This seems to have
> caused quite a bit of back-and-forth change in the code that results in
> or SOAP11 being preferred over the other. To resolve this, I propose a
> configuration solution. An axis2 user may configure a "builderForTextXML"
> that would take precedence over the smart builder chooser logic in
> TransportUtils.
>  This new configuration parameter would insure that servers that only
> support REST or SOAP11 for content-type "text/xml" would always use the
> right builder. Currently, the code will pick the ApplicationXMLBuilder on
> the client async response (see Jira for more detailed description of
>  Please see jira with patch:
>  If there are no objections, I will be glad to commit this change.
>  Mike Rheinheimer
>  (512) 838-0086 t/l 678-0086
>  WebSphere WebService Core Engine Team

Thilina Gunarathne  -

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