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From "Zhuojian Georgia Han \(zhuhan\)" <>
Subject RE: Why SOAP FAULT does not convert into AxisFault
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2007 19:55:28 GMT
I resolved this problem. The reason exception did not raised by client
is that this function does not have return parameters, so in Axis stub
it translates into an one-way invoke call. That's why even if the server
sends back the soap fault, the client doesn't process the result. 
I can understand that in one-way call the client does ignore the server
response. but in case of there is a soap fault, client should not ignore
it. Maybe function should not translate into one-way call even there is
no return parameter.

From: Zhuojian Georgia Han (zhuhan) 
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2007 2:27 PM
Subject: Why SOAP FAULT does not convert into AxisFault

I use gSoap in server side, and Java Axis as my Soap client.  When gSoap
raise   a soap fault, it seems like Axis Soap doesn't convert into
AxisFault, in Axis client side, it doesn't go to AxisFault Exception or
generic Exception catch block, why is that? I'm using Axis 1.4, and I
remember it used to work on Axis1.2. 
 I can not see anything wrong in this soapfault message,   any special
field which is needed to be set in soapfault?  Is  this  an Axis1.4 bug?
Below are soapfault packet which I captured in ethereal.

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