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From Deepal jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Re: Java2WSDL output for no parameters or void return type?]
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2007 05:02:13 GMT

> I'm not quite sure whether this in answering the question about
>   public String foo();
This does not take any method parameters , so user can send SOAP message
with empty body . So when generating the Schema we do not need to
generate Schema element for the input. But we are generating message
element for both input and output. So we are generating in-out mep for
the above operation.
> or the other question about
>   public void foo(String param);
In this case we have method which take method parameter , so in this
case we generate two schema elements one for input and one for output.
And we generate two message elements as well. So in effect we generate
in-out mep.
> I think it's answering the former.  If I have understood this correctly,
> then I'm not clear about what is the intention of Axis2 for the latter.
> This case does seem to generate an in-only MEP at the moment.  
If the method is in only you need to have method with void as it return

public void update(String id){
> Will it be
> possible to create an in-out MEP for this case if the user wants this?

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