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From "Lahiru Sandakith" <>
Subject Maven2 SNAPSHOT dependencies included with date suffix
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2007 02:43:17 GMT
Hi devs,
When we have SNAPSHOT dependencies for a particular module, maven2 on line
build include them in to the module dependencies with a date suffix. What we
need  is when we do nightly builds maven2 should rename that to SNAPSHOT and
include that in to the nightly builds. For example In order for the eclipse
plugins nightly builds to work we have to have the exact 3rd party library
name to elcipse framework to load it through the plugin.xml. (There is no
question about releases , since we are not going with SNAPSHOTs)
Is there a way that we can have renamed SNAPSHOT included in the builds.
(AFAIK maven2 get the latest from the repos and rename that to SNAPSHOT in
For example We have the neethi dependency in the eclipse plugin pom.xml as
the version coming from the parent which is SNAPSHOT. Problem comes when
there is a new neethi nightly build available in the repos compare to my
local machine, the build include it as neethi-20070825.224622-550.jar not as
neethi-SNAPSHOT.jar with the on-line build.
Lahiru Sandakith
GPG Key Fingerprint : 8CD8 68E0 4CBC 75CB 25BC  1AB1 FE5E 7464 1F01 9A0F

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