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From "Amila Suriarachchi" <>
Subject Re: Re: axis2:how to validate soap message against wsdl?
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2007 03:21:45 GMT
There is no such a property. becuase to valide an soap message against a the
schema it should complie the schema and do it accordling.

But if you have problems in understanding the ADB generated code. I can help
you for that.


On 8/21/07, Zhang zhongliang <> wrote:
> First of all,thanks for your advice.
> Do you mean use ADB data binding,but if I use the wsdl2java tool to
> generate code,it will generate too much code lines,and which are not easy to
> understand,also the method of naming variables and methods.
> What I need is keeping the program simple,so I wonder whether there is a
> way to set a property in the configuration file,which will enable the axis2
> to validate the soap message(payload part) against wsdl for me.Forexample,if I put the
following part:<parameter name="useOriginalwsdl"
> locked="false">true</parameter> in the services.xml in META-INF
> folder,then when I want to view the wsdl file,then I will view my own
> wsdl,not the one that axis2 generates automatically.
> So,Is there any properties that I can just configure in the configuration
> file(axis2.xml,services.xml) to get what I wanted?
> Thanks a lot.
> 在2007-08-21,"Amila Suriarachchi" <> 写道:
> Is there any reason to deal with the OMElement directly?
> if you generate the data bind code for wsdl using ADB then when the
> request parsing time ADB validates the request and give you the object
> structure.
> you can use tool to generate ADB code.
> Amila.
> On 8/21/07, Zhang zhongliang <> wrote:
> Hi,I am the beginner to use this mailing list,so,any mistakes that I
> made,I hope I can be forgiven.
> I have a problem when I using apache-axis2-1.1.1,the web service my team
> developed will be accessed by other client,although we provided the wsdl to
> the client,but errors may also exist with the format of the soap message.
> I choose the wsdl:types elements out and form the xsd schema
> file(.xsd),and then use it to validate the soap message(Which is an
> OMElement object).
> Now I want to ask whether there is a flag that I can configure to make
> axis2 validate the soap message against wsdl for me automatically?
> Thanks so much!
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