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From "Zhang zhongliang" <>
Subject Re:Re: How to get attributes from HttpServletRequest?
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2007 08:42:10 GMT
I do not know what to say,but you did a great favor for me.
thanks a lot.

在2007-08-22,"Saminda Abeyruwan" <> 写道:

In AxisServlet, it set the httpservletrequest/response as 
msgContext.setProperty(HTTPConstants.MC_HTTP_SERVLETREQUEST, request);
        msgContext.setProperty(HTTPConstants.MC_HTTP_SERVLETRESPONSE, response);

Thus, in your web service you should be able to get it as follows,


or if you need transport headers only

Map map = (Map)MessageContext.getCurrentMessageContext().getProperty( MessageContext.TRANSPORT_HEADERS);

Thank you


On 8/22/07, Zhang zhongliang < > wrote: 
I have a question about axis2.When the client send a request,and the protocol is http,for
example, http://domain/myservice,the client has a unique id that stored in the database,or
it provides a client certificate.I can get the id or certificate at my Filter.
Now I want get the id in the web service,is there any way to pass the value that set in the
HttpServletRequest object to the service?
Any advice will be appreciated! 

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