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From Jeff Barrett <>
Subject [Axis2] Pluggable mustUnderstand header validation for AXIS2-2853 commited
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2007 23:09:41 GMT
Hi All,

I've commited the changes for under revision 556761.

It is implemented as described below with the modifications discussed on 
the list.  This commit was the framework; I'll add the JAXWS checker as a 
plugin next (hopefully tomorrow).

Thanks again for the comments!


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----- Forwarded by Jeff Barrett/Austin/IBM on 07/16/2007 06:05 PM -----

Jeff Barrett/Austin/IBM 
07/11/2007 05:20 PM


[Axis2] Post-1.3 mustUnderstand header validation proposal AXIS2-2853

Hi All,

Here is my proposal for a mustUnderstand header validation framework. 

PLEASE NOTE the mustUnderstand processing is required for fixes we're 
trying to get in by 7/20 and which Geronimo needs.

So, please take a look as soon as possible.  If the overview seems OK, 
then I'll start on the code (this is post 1.3 work)

Here's the Jira:


1.  Pluggable and extensible via configuration.  Allow higher-level, 
non-engine components to participate in mustUnderstand validation. 
Examples include JAX-WS runtime and appliction handlers, WS-RM, and 
systems using Axis2 as a bus.

2.  Support for actors/roles.  Only mustUnderstand headers for 
actors/roles in which this node acts should be checked.  Note that 
actors/roles would not be implemented immediately, but future support is 
taken into consideration in the design. 


A list of soapHeaderValidators can optionally be configured in axis2.xml. 
The list of validators will be stored on the AxisConfiguration.  Each 
validator has a method which takes a collection of not-yet-understood 
header QNames, a collection of String roles, and a MessageContext.  The 
method will return a collection of header QNames based on the input 
parameter which are still not understood; that is, it removes any that it 
understands from the list. 

The AxisEngine.checkMustUnderstand() method will invoke each validator, 
passing in the collection of still-not-understood headers.  If, after all 
the validators are called the collection is not empty, a mustUnderstand 
fault is thrown.  The logic would be something like:

        String[] rolesActedIn = ...             // list of actors/roles 
acted in.
        QName[] notUnderstoodHeaders = ...      // list of all mU headers 
not marked as processed
        SOAPHeaderValidator[] validators = 
        for (SOAPHeaderValidator validator : validators) {
            notUnderstoodHeaders = 
validator.validate(notUnderstoodHeaders, rolesActedIn, messageContext)
        // If there are any not-understood headers after running the 
        // throw an exception
        if (notUnderstoodHeader.length != 0) {
            throw notUnderstoodException

There is no API for the registration of understood headers; each validator 

is responsible for deciding what it understands and removing it from the 
collection.  For example, the JAXWS validator would look for a property 
(which it set earlier) on the AxisOperation containing the QNames for any 
JAXWS SEI header parameters and any headers understood by JAXWS 
application handlers.  That property would be set by JAXWS on the 
AxisOperation during application startup. 

Configuration in axis2.xml

The <soapHeaderValidators> element is optional.  If ommited then all 
mustUnderstand headers must be marked as processed by handlers, or a 
mustUnderstand fault will be thown (i.e.  current 
AxisEngine.checkMustUnderstand semantics are unchanged) 



IBM Software Group - WebSphere Web Services Development
Phone: 512-838-4587 or Tie Line 678-4587
Internet e-mail and Sametime ID:

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