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From Ann Robinson <>
Subject Re: Proposal for fixing out-of-memory error JIRA axis2-2968
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2007 19:52:22 GMT

Hi, David,
I agree that (c) would be the best solution for the long term.   As I look
at this problem more, I think it will be necessary to do (b) in the
short-term because the WSDLDefinition can be accessed via a Parameter on
the AxisService - this is effectively an interface and I want to avoid
changing interfaces. Doing (b) would allow this interface to continue to be
supported until we can deprecate it and replace it with (c).

On 07/16/2007 04:07 AM "David Illsley" <> wrote

(c) sounds like the best long term solution to me. It looks like the
objects are just used to serve up ?wsdl and MEX requests, which only
requires the host/port to be modified. We'd probably get better
performance if we just wrote the definitions to a temporary file and
used a templating solution to modify the address on each request.

On 15/07/07, Ann Robinson <> wrote:
> Hi, all,
>  I've been investigating an out-of-memory error that happens on the
> in some environments.  In analyzing the java heap dumps, one of the
> consumers of memory is with the wsdl4j WSDLDefinition objects.   The heap
> dump indicates that the WSDLDefinition uses the xerces dom for underlying
> support, particularly for schemas.  This makes the WSDLDefinition very
> heavy-weight.
>  The heap dump also shows that the WSDLDefinition objects of concern are
> ones being saved in the AxisService's ParameterInclude list.  Comments in
> the code (WSDL11ToAxisServiceBuilder) indicate that this is done so that,
> some component needs to utilize the WSDLDefinition, the component can
> it via a Parameter in the AxisService.
>  Is it possible to reduce the utilization of the WSDLDefinition?
>  Some ideas are:
>  (a) releasing it when it is no longer needed
>           - this might not be possible to determine
>  (b) putting a wrapper on the WSDLDefinition object
>           - so that the WSDLDefinition,or a portion of the
>             can be released
>           - but if the WSDLDefinition is accessed after it was released,
>             the wrapper can reload the WSDLDefinition transparently to
>             user
>  (c) create a layer for caching wsdl-related information
>           - this would allow for releasing memory based on some algorithm
>             and/or interface that could indicate what's no longer needed
>  Ann

David Illsley - IBM Web Services Development

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