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From Jeff Barrett <>
Subject [Axis2] JAXWS, Axis2 1.3, and RC2 on 7/13
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2007 20:29:43 GMT
Hi All,

We've made good progress getting the JAXWS compliance-related fixes (some 
listed below) committed.  However, there are still some outstanding issues 
we need to fix.  Most of these remaining fixes will be within the 
metatdata and jaxws modules, but a few will be in kernel and/or Axiom.  We 
will not be able to get all those kernel and/or Axiom fixes in by 7/13 to 
make RC2.  And, between the time that RC2 is taken and the time that the 
1.3 branch is created, we want to avoid dropping things outside of the 
jaxws and metadata modules.

So, in order to continue to make progress on the JAXWS compliance-related 
fixes, can we please get the 1.3 branch created as soon as possible after 
RC2, perhaps by Monday 7/16?

If the 1.3 branches for Axis2 and Axiom are created on Monday 7/16 so 
trunk is open for continued development across all modules, then we may be 
able to get the remaining JAXWS compliance-related issues fixed by 7/20. 


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06/29/2007 10:49 AM
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Re: [VOTE][Axis2] Axis2 1.3 release plan

We are working on a number of fixes to the JAXWS and Metadata modules 
based on some internal testing.  We believe many of these fixes are 
required for Geronimo integration of AXIS2 and will help Geronimo pass 
various compliance tests.  If these fixes are needed in the AXIS2 1.3 
release, then they would likely not make an RC1 of July 6.  We think many 
of the fixes would be submitted/committed by July 20.

Some the problems in the JAXWS/Metadata modules that we are working on 
- The metadata layer needs to create AttachmentDescription objects if the 
WSDL indicates that the input or output message contains attachments
- The WebResultAnnot class incorrectly initializes the name attribute to 
"return" when it is constructed. The default should be "". This is causing 
UnmarshallingExceptions in certain cases
- Make HTTP transport headers and status code available via the JAXWS 
message context.
- JAXWS must understand processing for nonexistent operation
- Prevent NPE from calling getHandlerResolver.getHandlerChain before 
creating service object
- NoClassDefFoundError when creating a web service request for a client 
- @HandlerChain annotation in SEI should replace, not add to, 
@HandlerChain annotation in endpoint impl 
- Avoid concurrent modification exception when accessing properties
- Remove unnecessary < and > from HTTP start value
- createBinding needs to retrieve BindingType appropriately - 
'createBinding' needs to be client/server aware so that it will call 
getClientBindingID if this happens to be a dispatch instance

Should the AXIS2 RC1 be delayed to include these fixes?  Or, should 
another release (like 1.3.1 or 1.4) be considered for these fixes?


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