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From "Raymond Feng" <>
Subject [XmlSchema] Pluggability for XSD import/include resolvers?
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2007 22:46:18 GMT

We currently use XmlSchema to load XSDs. To resolve the import/include 
directives using our schemes, we provide an implementation of and set it to It works well if the 
schemaLocation attribute for the <xsd:import> or <xsd:include> is set.

Now we would like to handle the cases where the schemaLocation attribute is 
not present. For example, <xsd:import namespace="http://ns1"/>. Without the 
schemaLocation, we resolve the import/include by namespace. In this case, we 
already have a map keyed by namespace for a list of XmlSchema objects loaded 
from a catalog or other files and we want to reuse them. Would it be 
possible to open the XmlSchemaCollection.getSchema(SchemaKey) method so that 
we can override/customize the behavior to associate existing XmlSchema 
instances to a SchemaKey? BTW, using a singleton of XmlSchemaCollection to 
keep the schema map is not always feasible.

Another observation is that a NPE will be thrown if the 
URIResolver.resolveEntity() returns null. Is there any way to disable the 
aggressive resolving/loading of import/include?
Raymond Feng
Apache Tuscany 

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