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From "Afkham Azeez" <>
Subject [Axis2[ Clustering: Adding replicateState method to AbstractMessageReceiver
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2007 10:51:21 GMT
Hi Folks,
Related to the stuff I discussed with some guys at the hackathon, it seems
like a Handler is not the appropriate place to carry out state replication.
One of the main reasons is that we cannot throw faults when flowComplete is
invoked. It has to be at the message receiver level. The state replication
should take place soon after the service implementation gets called. So I've
added a simple method to AbstractMessageReceiver;

 public void replicateState(MessageContext messageContext) throws
ClusteringFault {

Soon after invoking the business logic, this method needs to be called. The
Replicator will replicate the state only if context replication is enabled
in the axis2.xml. Anybody writing a custom MR will need to call this method
after invoking the business logic, if they are to get replication

I have already added the code to all our MRs, but still haven't committed

TODO: The code generation functionality has to be fixed to call this method.
Amila, can you help out with this?

Afkham Azeez
GPG Fingerprint: 643F C2AF EB78 F886 40C9  B2A2 4AE2 C887 665E 0760

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