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From "John Kaputin (gmail)" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE][Axis2] Axis2 1.3 release plan
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2007 12:57:33 GMT
We are planning a Woden M8 release for end of July to complete the W3C spec
compliance for WSDL 2.0 assertions. WSDL 2.0 has just become a W3C

I expect M8 development to complete by 20th July, with maybe 1 week of
release mgt after that. Might be able to bring M8 forward a bit for Axis2
1.3, possibly with reduced scope, but not to July 6th.

Here are 2 options for including Woden in Axis 1.3:

1) stick with Woden M7a which was released 23rd April, subject to testing it
with the new Axiom and XmlSchema releases. M7a complies with the W3C spec
for valid WSDL 2.0 documents except for 1 problem which was fixed after M7a
was released - if an interface has a 'style default' attribute and an
interface operation has no 'style' attribute, the default value should
appear in the {style} property of the InterfaceOperation component. This is
not happending in M7a, but has been fixed for M8.  Depending on the uptake
on WSDL 2.0 amongst Axis2 users and level of WSDL2 support in Axis2, this
may or may not be a problem for Axis 1.3.

2) publish a new milestone release early for Axis 1.3 which includes this
fix, but note:
- the Axiom and XmlSchema releases must happen first, so we can then build a
Woden release for the Incubator PMC to vote on.
- I can only commit about 50% of my time to Woden during July and my main
concern is completing WSDL 2.0 assertions and validation, so if any
woden-devs want to vote for an early milestone release, before the planned
M8 release, could they also consider volunteering to do the release mgt.

As per previous posts to this thread about the time required for an Axis2
release and the RC1 suggestions, our planned M8 may well be in time anyway
for the Axis 1.3 release. Please think about this - I don't want to put in
extra effort on an early milestone release, only to find Axis 1.3 being
release late July / early August when M8 is due anyway.

John Kaputin.

On 6/27/07, Deepal Jayasinghe <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> As you all know we had a very successful hackathon and we were able to
> resolve most of the critical issues in Axis2 (JIRAs and mail
> discussion). Specially we improved ADB and codegen , fault handling ,
> sever side asynchronous , Message receivers , client side and etc.. . In
> addition to that we removed a lot of duplicated codes and did a major
> code cleanup. Therefore I think we are in good shape to go ahead and
> release Axis2 1.3 with all of those improvements as well as following
> new features
> -  Clustering support
> -  Doc-lt/bare wsdl generation and run time support (RPC MRs can handle
> doc-lit/ bare )
> -  Custom deployment support
> -  NIO transport integration
> -  And many more bug fixes.
> -  ??
> To get Axis2 release we need to get Axiom , XMLSchema , Neethi and Woden
> before Axis2 release. I would like to propose 6^th of July as Axis2 1.3
> release date , and here is my +1 for both the release plan and the date.
> Last time we had a lot of issue with Sandesha and Rampart , but this
> time we all should plan to do the release simultaneously .
> Comments ...... ???
> [1] :
> Thanks
> Deepal
> P.S : I was supposed to send this note last week , however as a result
> of my travel changes I could not able to do that.
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