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From Deepal Jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r547848 - in /webservices/axis2/trunk/java/modules/kernel/src/org/apache/axis2: engine/ transport/
Date Sat, 16 Jun 2007 04:26:56 GMT
Ok I will give up  :) ,

However this is not the API  what we (the ppl at the hackathon ) wanted
. We did not want someone to extend the class and do some crazy stuff
with that. What we really wanted was to provide as much as easy API to
deploy a service.

If someone want to create a configuration with his data  , he can do so
by passing system properties (I have mentioned that in the comments ).

If user knows about the repository and configuration context , then he
can not be simple user , in that case he does not want to use this API.

*** Why did I add this simple class, which make a such a war in the
list  :)  (poor me) **


Davanum Srinivas wrote:
> Deepal,
> #1: start() has a well known connotation and has to be called after
> one deploy's all the services that they want. ie deployService can be
> called multiple times
> #2: Just look at the API now for AxisServer.
>     - There are protected variables so that one can easily extend the
> class
>     - There is a createDefaultConfigurationContext which can be
> overriden to supply the configuration context when one extends this
> class. Or one can use setConfigurationContext to set it.
>     - There is a start/stop which can be used to run/stop the AxisServer
>     - There is a deployService to deploy however many services that
> needed to be deployed.
>   What's wrong with the API? Other than the fact that it does not
> support your one liner?
Its not simple for me    :)

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