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From Deepal Jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: [axis2] [VOTE][PROPOSAL] ServiceLifecycle interface vs. introspecting methods
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2007 19:22:32 GMT

Glen Daniels wrote:
> Hi folks!
> We're trying to resolve
> here at the
> hackathon.  (see conversation at
> if you're interested)
> What it comes down to is this.  Currently DependencyManager (why the
> heck is this called "DependencyManager"? It doesn't manage anything,
> and-- ok, that's another issue :)) is introspecting the service class
> to find the init(ServiceContext) and destroy(ServiceContext) methods. 
> It has been suggested that instead of introspecting, we could simply
> have the service author optionally implement ServiceLifecycle, an
> interface containing these two methods.  Then all the introspection
> code would go away to be replaced with code like:
>   if (serviceObject instanceof ServiceLifecycle) {
>     ((ServiceLifecycle)serviceObject).init(serviceContext);
>   }
> Advantages - faster.  Simpler.  Less error-prone for developers (IDEs
> will help you implement the interface).
> So my proposal is that we do the following:
> 1) Add ServiceLifcycle interface, and code like the above.  Also leave
>    the introspection code for now.
We have a class called ServiceLifcycle which handle service life cycle
for AxisDescription and that has nothing to do with Contexts  , so if
you want to do this let's add class called
ServiceContextLifcycle interface.

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