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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: Plan for the hackathon
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2007 09:09:43 GMT
To add something, APR people have defined a set of guidelines for 
Though APR is a C project, there would be somethings to take form that - 
specially API compatibility with respect to version numbers. What could 
be broken and what should not be broken form major, minor to patch 
versions would help to keep backward compatibility that some users are 
complaining about.


Ajith Ranabahu wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am sure the Axis2ers around the world are excited about the
> hackathon that is about to start tomorrow [Well today - (Monday 11th
> June) :)] Unfortunately I can only come for half the days but I'm sure
> any major decision will be reported to the list and the irc will be
> live as usual (I will participate in the sessions remotely as far as
> possible) However more importantly we need to outline the objective
> and layout the things we plan to attack.
> I will outline some items I felt as important to address while
> browsing the Jira list. Others are welcome to jump in and correct me
> in any place that I've missed. Again I believe the objective of this
> hackathon is to fix whatever is broken in the existing functionality
> rather than adding or discussing new features.
> 1. Exception handling
>  Number of issues have been reported about incorrect exception
> handling, irrelavant exceptions being thrown etc. So it seems that
> this is something we need to look at more carefully and correct.
> 2 .WSDL2WS and ADB issues
>  There are number of 'edge cases' reported about WSDL2WS - specially
> against the ADB binding. While some of these will fall into new
> features, I suppose we should address all the issues that are against
> the existing features and make it work for some of those edge cases.
> 3. Java2WSDL issues
> There are some blockers reported about Java2WSDL. I believe Java2WSDL
> works ok for most of the cases but there seems to be some cases we
> need to answer. Both for WSDL2WS and Java2WSDL, they are the two most
> 'visible' components for the users and that makes it important
> 4. Misc
> There are a ton of small issue that does not specifically fall into a
> broad category. I'm hoping we can cover most of them by the time we
> end up fixing the major issues but we could tackle whatever is
> remaining once the major issues are covered.
> 5. Documentation
> While we will not sit and write the user guide once more at this
> occasion I see this as a time we can add some of the missing javadocs
> to the source (and also correct some header problems. I see a Jira
> that says some license headers are not proper)
> Anything else we can try to tackle in this limited time frame?
> Ajith Ranabahu
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