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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject Re: [axis2] More Modules and classpaths
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2007 12:01:31 GMT
Hi Deepal:

> When we start Axis2 we had a long discussing on phase , phase rule and
> there we finally decided not to allow add phases by modules. If some one
> want to add a phase then he/she needs to go and add that to axis2.xml.
> So please do not introduce such  features at this moment. As I think
> Axis2 is a stable product and a number of applications are using Axis2.
> And none of them requested such a features in the list , so as
> developers we should not introduce unwanted features . I strongly
> believe what we have at the moment more than enough to satisfy our goal.

Hm.  While the current system technically works, the old Axis1 
Phase-less way of deploying ordered Handlers worked too, as long as you 
were sufficiently careful and correct. :)

Modules right now aren't really pluggable components.  To use a Module 
which uses non-standard phases in your service, you need to a) read the 
Module documentation and understand WHICH phases you need to add to the 
global configuration, AND in what order (this seems like EXACTLY the 
kind of stuff we were trying to move from documentation to config/code 
for Axis2), b) change axis2.xml accordingly, and c) deploy the module 
globally.  That's a pain, and I think it's kind of ironic that it's 
exactly this kind of configuration we were avoiding for Handlers.

It's like we've gone halfway, and I would really like to go the rest of 
the way so that Modules can just work together without the intervention 
of skilled human technicians modifying global configuration files.  IMHO 
the only times you should be REQUIRED to touch config files as an 
"assembler" of prebuilt components should be to resolve a conflict.

(While we're on the subject I also continue to think that we should 
allow packaging Modules in Service archives - i.e. 
services/MyService/modules/foo.mar.  It's a very analogous situation.)

> So I am -1 on this proposal.

I'd like to hear what others think.  If I'm the only one advocating 
this, then I'll back off.  If there's a lot of support for this idea, 
perhaps we can get you on board with it with some further discussion.

What do others think?

> May be we can add that for Axis3 (if we are planing to do so :) )

Deepal, I would be kind of bummed if we had to do an Axis3.  It would 
mean we didn't get it right in Axis2.


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