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From "Thilina Gunarathne" <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r532422 [1/2] - in /webservices/axis2/trunk/java/modules/kernel: src/org/apache/axis2/context/ src/org/apache/axis2/deployment/ src/org/apache/axis2/deployment/repository/util/ src/org/apache/axis2/deployment/util/ src/org/apache/axis
Date Tue, 01 May 2007 17:08:16 GMT
Hi Glen,
> * Refactor deployment a bit to clean things up and get custom deployers actually working.
I've been using an custom deployer successfully for an outside project
(WSO2 Mashup Server).. But this commit broke it:(..

The mapping I had to add was with the "." in the extension.. But now
you seems to have removed the need for the ".".. I'm fine with that..
But it would have been great if you sent a mail noticing this (may
have saved several debugging hours for me)..

Also the hotupdate feature, which was working before was gone..
Following hard coding of type as service makes it unusable with any
custom deployers...
>+    public static final int TYPE_SERVICE = 0;
>+    public static final int TYPE_MODULE = 1;
>    /**
>     * To check whether the file is a module or a servise
>     */
>-    private String type;
>+    private int type = TYPE_SERVICE;

BTW +1 for adding a test case for the custom deployers..


Thilina Gunarathne  - -

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